VoteGoalsM | Configurable , Easy to use & Up2Date! v1.1

Reach your voting goals and rewards your players with unlimited commands

  1. PlanetBrunei
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12

    Perform certain commands if your server vote reached certain numbers. This plugin will make your server have more votes by adding vote goals. Command & messages are customizable. You can set your vote goals to certain numbers.

    How to install?
    Simply drag & drop to your plugins folder. And if you want to change anything in the settings.yml you can just use /votegoals reload (Perms: votegoals.reload) commands.

    How to use?
    This plugin will not automatically add a number if your players vote. You will have to add certain commands to your voting plugins.

    1. Add this command to your voting rewards "/votegoals add"
    2. You are done!

    Default settings.yml
    settings.yml can be found HERE.

    Command Lists
    1. /Votegoals add - This is only for consoles
    2. /Votegoals - Show the current vote goals
    3. /Votegoals reset - Reset the current vote goals

    PlaceHolder Lists
    1. %votetotal% - To get the current vote goals total.

    Permissions Lists
    1. votegoalsm.reload - Allow the players to reload the settings.yml
    2. votegoalsm.reset - Allow the players to reset the current goals

Recent Updates

  1. Added /Votegoals reset

Recent Reviews

  1. MangoKisa
    Version: v1.1
    Very cool plugin and I love the idea of it being free. I used VoteParty before, but it had so much bugs. THIS IS SO MUCH MORE RECOMMENDED!
    1. PlanetBrunei
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the positive review :D Make sure to leave you suggestions too if you have one! Cheers.