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Vote GUI 2

  1. ikygoose
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    Vote GUI 2 is a continuation of SonOfTriton6's Vote GUI, (Found here:, with more features and less setup hassle, making it again the most professional way to display your server's voting links. Giving players the exact time in which they can vote again to limit confusion. It's a perfect voting plugin for small and large servers!

    • GUI Based
    • Audio on icon click
    • Configurable /vote command
    • 100% Configurable
    • Displayed cool downs
    • Support for any listener
    • Efficient
    • User friendly
    Before Voting


    After Voting


    On hover

    Code (Text):
    How to install.

    Drop jar into plugins folder.
    then vote on each link you want to be added to your VoteGUI.
    after your done, go to the VoteGUI folder, then to the "votes" folder, then "your Name" folder and use the .txt files to guide you into setting up your vote sites with the GUI.

      name: 'NAME OF SERVICE' example:&2PlanetMinecraft
      link: 'YOUR VOTE LINK' example:
      canVoteItem: 35
      canVoteDurability: 5
      canNotVoteItem: 35
      canNotVoteDurability: 14
      coolDown: 24
      service: 'SERVICE' example:

    your link will be the link of your vote site, just copy and paste it there.

    and your "service:" will be the EXACT text shown from the vote file excluding the .txt
    Example is just

    Just copy and paste to the proper locations (service) and your good to go.

    There is no longer a /voted command, all votes are processed by VoteGUI automatically, But you will still need a Vote Listener plugin such as GAListener (Found here: to provide rewards, this plugin only maintains the GUI.
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Recent Reviews

  1. timr2000
    Version: 2.04
    inactive Dev, not fixing the bugs in this plugin, really bad dude.. do someting with this plugin please..
  2. Zera_Fox
    Version: 2.04
    Dev has been inactive for 14w at this point, the plugin is rather poorly documented. Ships with a broken configuration file. Turns out "caps matter" apparently in the configuration, which the default fails to address itself.
    The save method per vote is ghastly, per player and per site. Which btw if your players vote with any variation of capitals on your sites, it makes a new folder for that variation too...
    Great idea, very badly executed.
  3. dwa1275
    Version: 2.04
    as it took me sometime talking to the dev, and not really getting any response, and with little instructions I have been able to properly set this plugin up as it should in working order. I posted better instruction for the dev to post, if not its simple to set up once you know what ur doing, and I can help. 5 star to the plugin, 3 to dev for lack of responce
  4. GuysImTristan
    Version: 2.03
    Great plugin! Does not hurt my eyes anymore xD! Informational and good cosmetic for my server too! I hope the author is still actively checking on this.
    1. ikygoose
      Author's Response
      thanks, If needed I'll push out more updates on this
  5. Trsak
    Version: 2.01
    This is really great plugin, just what was i looking for. That's the best way, to make your players vote for your server! :)
    1. ikygoose
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your support, much appreciated!