VoteKick [Free] 1.4

It's like VoteKick plugin, but it's free

  1. robertforyou
    This plugin is made by after i've seen the VoteKick plugin and the thing that it's a simple plugin and cost money. I do not own VoteKick plugin so i do not steal any code from it. The plugin downloadable from here is fully made by me. Link to paid plugin (do not worth buying, because this plugin does exactly the same but without effects and sounds as i don't know what sounds, effects used and when they play: )

    Commands + Permissions:
    /votekick <player> - votekick.startvote
    /vote -
    /stopvote - votekick.stopvote
    If victim have permission "votekick.exempt" (without ") the vote kick will not start.

    Scoreboard statistics with players voted to be kicked, required votes and current votes!

    Special anti-abusive system:
    If there is 3 players or less with permission to /vote + 1 victim or less, all the players with permission to /vote (without victim) need to vote. If there is more players, for example, if on the server is 9 players with permission /vote online 8 players will need to vote (all players without victim - 1).

    This is unless you have set custom mode in config and custom votes needed to kick a player.

    The victim can't use /vote and will not be counted on players that need to vote.

    If 3 minutes passed after the vote kick was started and not enough players voted, the vote kick will automatically close.

    If a player leave, the votes needed will be reduced by one, if he already voted, current votes will be also reduced by one.

    If victim leave the game, the vote will automatically end.

    Also, players joined after used /votekick command can't see the scoreboard and can't vote (because they do not know what happened).

    Please post any bug here, i will fix it.
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