VoteMaster 1.1.2

The underdog voting listener

  1. Bug Fix #2 + RGB Color Support

    Bugs Fixed:
    1. Fixed player only message
    2. Fixed bug where reloading wouldn't completely reload the plugin
    New Features:
    1. RGB Color support for all messages.
  2. Bug Fix #1

    • Fixed a bug when initializing the economy feature
    • Fixed /vote command.
  3. Codebase overhaul, removed unused features, implemented a checker.

    • Removed VoterProfile system, will be reimplemented was simply unused.
    • Now checks if a user exists before queueing their vote; this prevents a mass of spam usernames being queued.
    • Added a new system for rewards; now uses multiple files versus sitting in the main config, this allows for as much or little organization as you want.
    • Significantly improved the loading of rewards/actions
    • Added more options the the config; Including but not limited to the hooks.