VotePunish 1.1.1

Allows non-staff players to moderate the server on a fully configurable voting system.

  1. Silver_Shadow
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Votekick is a plugin that allows players to moderate the server when staff is not available through a highly configurable voting system. Votes will auto-fail if too many players vote no, and will auto-pass if enough vote yes.

    • votepunish.kick
      • Allows a player to start a vote to kick another player
    • votepunish.ban
      • Allows a player to start a vote to ban another player
      • Allows a player to cast their vote on the current vote
    • votepunish.staff
      • Designates the player as a staff member, making them immune to votes
    • votepunish.admin
      • Designates the player as an admin, giving access to configuration commands
    User Commands
    • /votekick <player>
      • Start a vote to kick a player
    • /voteban <player>
      • Start a vote to ban a player
    • /votejail <player>
      • Start a vote to jail a player
    • /yes
      • Vote yes on the current vote
    • /no
      • Vote no on the current vote
    Admin Commands
    • /votekick|votejail|voteban enable|disable
      • Enables or disables the use of the commands
    • /votekick|votejail|voteban set <arg>
      • votemin <#>
        • Sets the minimum number of online players required to start a vote
      • votepercent <#>
        • Sets the percentage of positive votes required to pass the vote
      • duration <day: #d | hour: #h | minute: #m | second: #s>
        • Sets the duration of the punishment
      • reason <abc>
        • Sets the reason shown to the target player if the vote passes
    • /votejail set jail|release
      • Sets the jail or release location to the location of the command sender
    • vote-duration
      • How long votes will last before they time out
    • disable-when-staff-online
      • Will or will not allow votekick or voteban if an online player has the votekick.staff permission
    • enabled
      • Determines if voteban or votekick are enabled
    • duration
      • How long a player will be removed from the server if the vote passes [day: d | hour: h | minute: m | second: s]
    • minimum-online
      • How many players are needed online before a vote can be started
    • minimum-vote-percent
      • Percentage of players that need to vote yes to pass the vote. Fails if too many vote no
    • reason
      • Message shown to the punished player if the vote passes
    • warnings
      • Intervals at which a broadcast is sent to notify players of the ongoing vote [day: d | hour: h | minute: m | second: s]
    vote-duration: 1m 30s
    disable-when-staff-online: true
    vote-thread-interval: 20
    jail-thread-interval: 100
    target-can-vote: true
    - 1m
    - 30s
    - 15s
    - 5s
    - 4s
    - 3s
    - 2s
    - 1s
    enabled: true
    duration: 1h
    minimum-online: 5
    minimum-vote-percent: 75
    reason: "You have been vote banned by the players."
    enabled: true
    duration: 10s
    minimum-online: 5
    minimum-vote-percent: 75
    reason: "You have been vote kicked by the players."
    enabled: true
    duration: 30m
    minimum-online: 5
    minimum-vote-percent: 75
    reason: "You have been vote jailed by the players."
    world: "World"
    X: 0.0
    Y: 63.0
    Z: 0.0
    world: "World"
    X: 10.0
    Y: 63.0
    Z: 10.0
    - "&bYour vote to %punishment% &3%player% &bhas been added to the queue."
    - "&b%voter% has voted &2YES &bto %punishment% &3%player%"
    - "&b%voter% has voted &4NO &bto %punishment% &3%player%"
    - "&b-------------------------------------------------"
    - "&bA vote to %punishment% &3%player% &bhas started."
    - "&bUse &2/yes &bor &4/no &bto cast your vote!"
    - "&bThe vote will end in &3%time%"
    - "&b-------------------------------------------------"
    - "&b-------------------------------------------------"
    - "&bThe vote to %punishment% &3%player% &bwill end in &3%time%"
    - "&2YES: %yes% &b| &4NO: %no%"
    - "&bUse &2/yes &bor &4/no &bto cast your vote!"
    - "&b-------------------------------------------------"
    - "&b-------------------------------------------------"
    - "&bThe vote to %punishment% &3%player% &bhas ended"
    - "&2YES: %yes% &b| &4NO: %no%"
    - "&bVote result: &3%result%"
    - "&b-------------------------------------------------"

Recent Updates

  1. Permission Fix and Vote Pass Commands
  2. Jail Update
  3. Message Fix

Recent Reviews

  1. ElfinHarasi
    Version: 1.1.0
    This is a great feature that will allow you to maintain the security of your server while your staff is away. The developers were also very receptive to user feedback.
  2. FCRev
    Version: 1.0.1
    This is singlehandedly the greatest plugin I have found and added to my server. I run a small community "project" server where I don't have too many staff members since the server is just my hobby, making it incredibly difficult to moderate if my small staff team or I aren't online at the time. Fairly certain this is the ONLY voteban plugin on the market currently (I've been looking for one for at least 4 months) and I cannot be happier. Thank you!!!
    1. Silver_Shadow
      Author's Response
      Thank you! I'm so glad my plugin has worked so well for you