VoteRoulette 3.2.2

Randomized rewards for voting

  1. ebiggz
    Randomized rewards for voting
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    VoteRoulette is a comprehensive, customizable, and fun Votifier vote listener. VoteRoulette allows you to make a list of rewards and players will receive one at random when they vote for your server on Minecraft server lists. This makes voting exciting and different each time a player votes and will encourage them to vote again to see what they will get next time!

    • Extremely flexible! VoteRoulette doesn't just give anything, it does anything.
    • Easy to setup! Includes an in-game Award Creator. Avoid those pesky YAML syntax errors!
    • Highly customizable rewards!
      • Rewards can contain any combination of items, currency, commands, and xp levels.
      • Items in rewards support enchants, custom names, lore descriptions, variable amounts, and Data ID's (For things like colored wool, or any other block/item in the game).
      • Rewards have tons of other options too! Set things such as permission groups (Vault required), chance modifiers, delays for commands, eligible websites, eligible players, number of consecutive days of voting required, and so much more! (See the Config Guide).
    • Ability to set a vote threshold. Players won't receive a reward till they have met the threshold. This is useful when you have your server posted on multiple server lists and you want players to vote on them all before they get rewarded.
    • Special rewards called "Milestones" that are awarded to players when they have reached a set amount of votes. This gives players a goal and even more incentive to vote.
      • Ability to make Milestones recurring. Make a Milestone set to every 50 votes or a single epic Milestone at 300 votes!
    • Offline voting support! If a player votes for the server but isn't in game to receive rewards, the rewards will be there waiting for them to claim the next time they log on.
      • Option to have awards auto-claimed when a player logs in!
    • Inventory Protection. If a reward won't fit in a players inventory, VoteRoulette will notify the player and let them reclaim once they have cleared space.
      • You can disable Inventory Protection, too. Items will instead fall at the feet of the player if their inventory is full.
    • Visual Representations of Rewards/Milestones!
      • Players can easily see the contents of Rewards/Milestones in a mock inventory screen.
    • Editable Broadcast Messages! (Supports color codes)
      • Set a custom message for a specific Reward/Milestone that will override the default message.
    • A /vote command. Lists all your voting sites to the player.
      • Ability to make Fancy Links™ which allow you to hide those long ugly links behind clickable text.
    • Reminders!
      • A periodic reminder for all players to vote!
      • An automatic reminder after 24 hours have passed since a player's last vote!
    • Extensive Multi-World support!
      • Set specific worlds per Reward/Milestone.
      • Globally blacklist worlds!
    • Stats Tracking!
      • MySQL support!
      • See the top all time voters using the Scoreboard.
    • UUID support!
      • VoteRoulette uses Mojang's account system API ( in order to ask for the UUID of a given player name. You can turn off this functionality in the config by setting useUUIDs to false. (as of v2.2.2).
    • A player blacklist. Prevent certain players from getting rewards.
      • Option to switch blacklist to a whilelist. Only players in list can receive rewards!
    • Option to turn randomization off! Just want to have a single reward and skip the randomization processes? No problem! VoteRoulette can be as simple or complex as you want it to be.
    • Localization Options! Files are available to edit a lot of text in VoteRoulette!
    • Automatic update checking! Always be notified of the latest version! You can disable this in the config by setting checkForUpdates to false.
    • Update Safe! VoteRoulette doesn't use any native Minecraft code and therefore won't break with future versions of Bukkit (if there are any, ha) given there isn't major API changes.
    • Metrics tracking! Help us see how VoteRoulette is used. (as of 2.0.1)
      • Using Hidendra's plugin metrics system, the following information is collected and sent to A unique identifier, the server's version of Java, whether the server is in offline or online mode, VoteRoulette's version, server's version, OS version/name and architecture, core count for the CPU, number of players online, Metrics version
      • If you do no want these stats collected, you can turn them off at /plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml by setting opt-out to true.
    • You must have Votifier installed.
    • If you want to have rewards that give currency or rewards that only apply to certain permission groups, you must also have Vault installed.
    Getting Started
    1. Make sure Votifier is at least on your server. If you plan to use the currency and permission group options, make sure Vault is installed as well. Are you using BungeeCord? Check out this post!
    2. Place VoteRoulette in your server's plugins folder. Do NOT place it in Votifier's "listeners" folder.
    3. Start your server to let VoteRoulette generate the default files. A copy of the config can also be found here.
    4. Edit settings and add awards. Visit the Config Guide] for help or the Award Setups forum for ideas.
    5. Type "/vr reload" in your console to put the changes into effect!
    Still stuck? Ask for help on the VoteRoulette forum!

    Planned Additions
    • Timed Milestones; Weekly or monthly
    • Set a votestreak with a range of days
    • Custom fireworks support for item prizes
    • Upgrade Reroll
    • Out-of-game Award Creator GUI?

    Visit VoteRoulette's Trello page to see what I am currently working on!

    I welcome your feedback! Drop me a comment telling me what you think. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please feel free to submit a ticket with a feature request.

    If you have found a bug, issue, or error, please submit a ticket rather than leaving a comment! Players who post errors or file contents straight into a comment will be ignored and comments may be deleted.

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Recent Reviews

  1. GuysImTristan
    Version: 3.2.2
    its sad to see a legend phase out :/ hoping its not yet RIP for this plugin! Please come back, we need you!
  2. Voqz
    Version: 3.2.2
    Plugin does not cache UUIDS 1.12... It literally just feeds errors to console. Please fix.
  3. bigpresh
    Version: 3.2.2
    Excellent plugin, very useful to provide interesting rewards and encourage voting. Working fine for me in 1.12, with my fix in (hopefully the author can release an official build that works in 1.12 soon!)
  4. Ninoo
    Version: 3.2.2
    Please update this on 1.12, thank you!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. dlav
    Version: 3.2.2
    Great plugin, works with 1.11 (depending on your needs!) Does exactly as needed and has tons of customisability! Would love to see some updates for 1.11.2 and beyond! Keep it up :D
  6. Coolkc456
    Version: 3.2.2
    Like this plugin but I can't find the Fancy Links plugin anywhere. I can only seem to find FancyText which is for game version CB 1.5.2-R1.0 and pretty much allows you to put color codes in chat and sync links to signs. i:
  7. vntqmm
    Version: 3.2.2
    10/10 Plugin - super flexible and very user friendly! It has definitely increased my votes by a lot! Thank you so much!
  8. frizzbee30
    Version: 3.1.1
    Probably one of the best voting plugins out there, very very flexible. Would love to see the dev back on so it could be updated :)
  9. jflory7
    Version: 3.1.1
    This plugin is absolutely fantastic for all of my needs for a voting plugin. Not only does this offer more expansive functionality than what a Votifier listener could offer, but it allows phenomenal customization and tweaking to make voting a powerful tool to reward players for boosting your ranking on the listing sites.

    I have been using this plugin for over a year and the author has done a phenomenal job in offering support and updates to users.

    Without a doubt, this plugin is a "must-have" for anyone running a Minecraft server in 2015 and beyond.
  10. Blackyvk
    Version: 3.1.1
    Been using it for months, excellent vote plugin!.