[Voting] Percent Votes 1.3.3

Allows you to give a percentage of a player's rankup cost for a vote

  1. Allows decimals

    You are now able to input decimals instead of numbers, for example /percent give Server_Dev 10.5

    This would give the player 10.5% of his rank.
  2. Fixed NPE

    Fixed NPE
  3. Fixed Java 8 Bug

    Fixed Java 8 Bug
  4. /Percent Command Added

    Added a requested command, do /percent to gain access to these additional features
  5. Fixed Download Link

    Sorry guys, I fixed the link
  6. Added Give Percent Command And Java 1.7 Build Options

    Added Features:
    - Command:
    Allow the user to give a player a % of their rankup with a command, they require the permission percentrewards.give
    - Java Support:
    In the .rar there are two files, one for Java v1.7 and other for v1.8, THERE ARE NO FEATURE DIFFERENCES
  7. Added support for GUI's for voting as well as some bug fixes

    Make sure you delete your config and let it generate a new one. Some pics