VotingCrates 1.1.4

Awesome Perks For Voting!

  1. ThePluginElite

    Voting Crates
    Voting crates allows you to let you're players vote for your server and receive a key that can later unlock a crate to collect money rewards. All rewards are on a chance based system that is fully configurable as well as are the money rewards player will receive. Players are given a chance to preview the rewards before unlocking the crate this is simply done by the player left clicking the crate and a inventory GUI will appear with all you're custom rewards that you have set up before!

    - Main plugin command
    /vc give <PLAYER> <AMOUNT> - Gives key to player
    /vc setcrate - This sets the crate location
    /vc reload - Reload the config.yml

    I have made it so it is a all in one admin permission to make things a lot more for server owners.
    Permission - "votingcrates.admin"
    This will allow you to use all of this plugins commands with no problems.

    Vault Required
    Votifier Required

    Want to check out my server?

    Coming Soon
    Chance of getting items.
    Chance of gaining permissions/ranks.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Aoro
    Version: 1.1.4
    i love the idea but could you add an option to give just a chest when somebody did a vote
    1. ThePluginElite
      Author's Response
      Do you mean when they vote a chest is given to them?