VotingPlugin 5.15

Most highly featured votifier listener!

  1. Ben12345rocks
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    Source Code:
    Grizz (Artwork, resource icon)


    Highly customizable vote listener with many features!


    This plugin is an advanced vote listener. You can see the full feature list below, some with links to a wiki page to explain them further. This plugin has more features than all other votifier listeners out there. Use v5.13.6 for 1.12 and older versions.

    If you need help feel free to contact me. If you enjoy it please leave a review and if you want to support me adding more features feel free to donate.

    Get dev builds here.


    • Votifier/NuVotifier (Or any other plugin that uses the votifier event) - Must be setup properly in order to get votes
    • Vault (Optional) - Give money directly, also requires an economy plugin to work
    • Java 8
    • Give rewards for the folling:
      • For specific sites or any site (Configured in VoteSites.yml)
      • All Sites - A reward for voting on all sites
      • First Vote - Reward for first time voting
      • Voting x amount of votes (with per day/week option), also known as Cummulative rewards - Vote x number of times for reward
      • Milestones - Give player a 1 time reward for voting x amount of times (Can be reset monthly)
      • VoteStreak - Give player for voting x number of times in a row
      • VoteParty - Everyone on server (or who voted) get reward after x amount of global votes
    • Powerful Reward System
      • Many Effects:
        • Sounds
        • Particles
        • Titles
        • BossBar
        • ActionBar
        • Firework
      • Requirements to give rewards:
        • Permission
        • World (Only give in whitelisted worlds)
        • Chance
        • Online/Offline (Set what reward should be given based on whether the player was offline/online)
        • Javascript expression
      • Basic rewards:
        • Commands
        • Items
        • Money
        • EXP
        • Messages (Broadcast/Player)
      • Advanced Rewards:
        • Delayed rewards (E.g. Delay a reward by 10 minutes)
        • Timed rewards (Execute reward at specific time)
        • Random Chance (Different than a normal chance)
        • Execute javascript
        • Priority rewards (List of rewards to give, will give first reward that it can based on permission/chance)
        • Choice Rewards (Let players choose)
        • Force reward to be given while player is offline
        • Potions
        • Lucky rewards
        • Select which server to give (Useful in some cases)
      • Works the same throughout the plugin (learn it once, apply it everywhere)
      • Much much more!
    • VoteReminding (Also Supports VoteRemind)
    • See total votes from a player or server (/vtotal)
    • See the last time you voted (/vlast)
    • See the next time you can vote (/vnext)
    • See who voted today (/vtoday)
    • Edit Formatting
    • Offline Player Voting Support (Supported by default)
    • Top Voter (AllTime/Monthly/Weekly/Daily) - With reward support
    • VoteForwarder - Vote accross multiple servers
    • Tab complete support
    • UUID Support
    • Json Messaging
    • Signs
    • PlaceHolderAPI Expansion
    • Player GUI's (/vote GUI, /vote URL, etc)
    • Scoreboards
    • Voting Points
    • Built in VoteShop to spend voting points (Use BossShop for more advanced things)
    • BossShop support
    • LeaderHeads support
    • Manage ingame (/av GUI)
    • Web Support
    • Convert from another plugin
    • Flat file/SQLite/MySQL support (With ability to switch and keep data)
    Click here for a basic setup guide.

    Commands & Permissions:
    Click here for a list of commands and permissions.


    (Doesn't cover reward configuration)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Default files:

    See the wiki for help! Some Pages Below.

    Adding Voting Websites
    How it works
    Future Versions


    Want to make your own changes/improvements? Check out the source on GitHub and feel free to make your own contributions.

    Code (Text):


    LATEST - latest stable release
    BRANCH-SNAPHSOT - unstable builds
    Want to help support me in adding more features and keeping this plugin free? Feel free to donate.
    Please leave issues, questions, and requests in the discussion section or on GitHub!

    Don't leave a negative review without asking for help first!

    Resource Icon and artwork made by @Grizz
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Recent Reviews

  1. rectalcitrus
    Version: 5.15
    It seems decent enough, but I'm encountering some issues.
    a.) When I create a voting site on the .yml file, it doesn't register it, even when show site is true.
    b.) I'm not sure if this is with votifier or votingplugin, but it doesn't appear to be listening. I've setup a MySQL and everything, but it still doesn't appear to work.

    Would love some help, thanks.
    1. Ben12345rocks
      Author's Response
      1. Config?
      2. Sounds like a votifier issue

      Please use the discussion section next time, it makes it a lot easier
  2. tobugs
    Version: 5.15
    Im sure this will be great once I learn it,, but for now,, How do I delete a reward and just set a basic reward for voting?
    1. Ben12345rocks
      Author's Response
      Just replace what you have with a command list. I can't show you in the reviews how to do it
  3. Shadowhacker
    Version: 5.15
    Once you get the "touch" and you know how to set it up, it's really great, after you get the idea, it's pretty easy and powerful.. :)
    1. Ben12345rocks
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review!
  4. timmyjimmy.exe
    Version: 5.14.2
    5 stars, works great. People leaving 1 star simply don't know what they are doing and don't know how to set it up. Thanks for the great plugin.
    1. Ben12345rocks
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! :)
  5. kamalsingh
    Version: 5.14.2
    after every restart players are getting double/trippple rewards for vote party. useless plugin. and don't say report on other section.
    1. Ben12345rocks
      Author's Response
      You probably made it give double/tripple rewards. Maybe ask me for help instead of assuming the plugin doesn't work.
  6. TheUltimate94
    Version: 5.14.2
    Hello i see many good reviews on this plugin.I just wanted to know does the plugin work for lower versions like 1.8.I see that it is for 1.13 but i know that there was also for previus versions.I hope for you to respond.
    1. Ben12345rocks
      Author's Response
      You should ask this in the discussion. Anything lower than 5.14 will work in for 1.12 and below. It also says this on the plugin page.
  7. pvpKingdoms
    Version: 5.14
    I have been using this plugin for years; there is no better plugin. It's perfect because it has flexibility that many voting plugins do not! 100 stars tbh.
    1. Ben12345rocks
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! :)
  8. FlailoftheLord
    Version: 5.14
    Coming out as Number one among all the Vote listener plugins... this one completely takes the lead, Ive been doing alot of research on almost all the other competitors, none of them come close to the full customizability... If youre a new server owner looking for a good plugin to meet all your voting needs, this is the one for you! dont use any other.
    It may be hard to setup at first but once you get the hang of it, you will be blown away by the features... If you need help setting this up for the first time feel free to PM me if the author is busy... again completely the best plugin in this category! 5/5 to the author
    1. Ben12345rocks
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! :)
  9. Foxing_
    Version: 5.13.5
    This is the #1 best plugin in the history of the universe.

    I just downloaded it tonight and I'm already blown away at how configurable/extensible it is - brilliant! :)
    1. Ben12345rocks
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! :)
  10. Octogriz
    Version: 5.13.3
    MY PLAYERS ARE NOT RECEIVING REWARDS and the commands arent even running!! i need help ive been trying to solve this all day im gonna go nuts please help
    1. Ben12345rocks
      Author's Response
      1. This is not the place to ask for help, use the discussion section.
      2. Leaving a bad review to ask for help is just a waste of time.