VoxelSniper 6.1.2

The premier long-distance brush editor, now supporting latest versions!

  1. synquall
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    • 1.15
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    synquall (ervinnnc)

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    Hello, Voxel! This is the reboot of the original VoxelSniper plugin. I decided to pick it up because I needed to use it for a server project I was working on, and with the immense changes from the previous version VoxelSniper was built for, a lot of parts needed to be rewritten. In the future, the plugin may be renamed to prevent confusion with the already existing VoxelSniper. If you like my work, be sure to donate!

    VoxelSniper is the premier long-range map editing tool for Minecraft. This mod allows you to edit any block that you can see using an arrow (for replacing) and a gunpowder (for adding). It is best used by those with strong attention to detail and fits a wide array of applications, from making detailed edits to structures with the snipe brush, to making massive terraforming jobs a breeze with some of the earth-shattering soft selection tools.

    !! Changes from the Original VoxelSniper !!

    Several plugin mechanics may have changed due to the changed structure of the code, so please view the notes for more information! To be brief, ink performers and several brushes have been removed. Other than that, block data sniping has also been changed. There are several other changes that will change the way you use VoxelSniper, but I feel that these changes were necessary and do not take away from the robustness of the VoxelSniper experience.

    I strongly urge you to read the notes so that you can understand these changes and how they may affect sniping mechanics.

    Minecraft Versions
    VoxelSniper is built against Bukkit API 1.15.2. It should work with earlier versions, but I need confirmation. If it works for you on an older version please let me know!


    Releases are available on the releases page on GitHub. These releases should be used with caution! They are not so stable yet, but rest assured that I'm doing my best to update!

Recent Reviews

  1. ILikeCreeper
    Version: 6.1.2
    Great plugin, thank you very much. Works on PaperMC for Minecraft version 1.16.1
  2. Congress_
    Version: 6.1.2
    Awesome plugin, just tried it for the first time and I enjoy the ease for building things.
  3. greydayz
    Version: 6.1.2
    Thank you so much for updating this! Seriously you're the GOAT dude. I thought this was never gettin updated again. It's working perfectly!
  4. Instantout
    Version: 6.1.2
    I always Enjoyed Voxel sniper, but to find out there is a Rebooted version, I tested this myself works very nice. love to see it back with a more modern version. Great work!
  5. Weby
    Version: 6.1.2
    This is literally the most useful plugin any server owner must get. There is nothing else to say about it.

    Flawed or not, complete or not, this is a massive work you're doing and you deserve way more than the 10$ I just sent you.

    Please keep working on it and PLEASE ask for help if you struggle with anything, I'm pretty sure a lot of people would be happy to help, rather than see this die.

    And T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U for open sourcing it !
  6. AtomicZombies
    Version: 6.1.2
    As a developer, I was actually about to recode this project myself. I've had a few clients talk to me about it, and I personally use voxel sniper a lot. Not only did you get this old plugin working on 1.15, but you've improved it with readable commands and tab completions.

    In short, thanks.
  7. MrSheen96
    Version: 6.1.2
    You absolute legend! I was suffering on an extremely old version of VoxelSniper and now you have come along and made all our days!
  8. Gigorahk
    Version: 6.1.2
    Hey, I happened to find this plugin tonight after desperate attempts of getting the old one working. I just wanted to say I used to be an experienced and active terraformer (https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/gigorahk/) and wanted to thank you for bringing the project back.

    You have inspired me to try out terraforming again! PM me if you want and we can talk about any further improvements to the plugin if you want to develop it. Either way, thanks for reviving it!
  9. tutur1004
    Version: 6.1.2
    Very nice update from the existing, work perfectly in 1.15.2 paper last.
    Missing some brushs (Fork of 1.13 version) but not an issue :!
    1. synquall
      Author's Response
      Hey! What brushes would you like to see? If it's not too much effort I wouldn't mind importing them in.

      Please submit an issue on GitHub if you will! Thanks!
  10. Korvic
    Version: 6.1.2
    Made a fork to downgrade to 1.13.2. Quite useful, though I do wish there was a 1.13.2 branch included on the GitHub, however, I understand it not being maintained at a lower version. Thanks for doing the legwork to get this working!
    1. synquall
      Author's Response
      Hey! Drop the link and I'll be happy to merge changes to support older versions. Thanks!