Vpn Bridge Client and Server ( No Hamachi ) ( No Firewall ) ( Anti Ddos ) (Bind Proxy) Reverse Proxy 24/12/2020(new)

bypass firewall inputs of your provider,router,os and redirect your server from one virtual machine

  1. BatemanBR
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    donate 0.20 dollar (1 BRL) to motivate me to finish all the ideas of this plugin: https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=68HZ3KKBJQBRW

    new project source link: https://repl.it/@BatemanBR/bindlanreverseproxyredirector2021#src/vpnbridge/start.java

    download full spigot multi version configuration: https://www.mediafire.com/file/uv7ezq0vxsqpens/RunMultiVersionSpigotWindowsAndLinux.zip/file (only click start.bat or run ./start.sh)


    no-hamachi.ddns.net is my subdomain in noip.com. you can create your own custom domain in noip.com and redirect your choosebind to default minecraft bind 25565 throughSRV Record from your dns subdomain.





    no-hamachi.ddns.net is my subdomain in noip.com. you can create your own custom domain in noip.com and redirect the SRV Record for your port/bind (for example michaelmc.ddns.net with SRV RECORD Configuration: _minecraft 22122 to minecraft default 25565)

    You can take a sub domain at no-ip.com and redirect to the port of your choice using SRV record _minecraft from chooseport (for example 21565 to 25565) without having to pass the specific port to your users. I hope to create my own dns server to do this automatically in future.

    chooseport is in config.yml and you have to open vpnbridge.jar using winrar and edit inside of .jar equals open file.zip.

    edit vpnserverip to "" in config.yml in vpnbridge.jar. i left it on "localhost:9473" because my amazon aws vm was canceled. but now i created one on my google always free that has more bandwidth than amazon. I did not update the plugin's config.yml for my personal machine. but you can do this with my google ipv4 "" or ipv6 in the screenshot. both ipv4 and ipv6 have the same ip functionality.

    you can also get one domain in freenom.com and point to cloudflare.com to manage SRV _minecraft and redirect your bindchoose for 25565 from yourdomain.com


    in last version i update: 1
    ip addres and port with bukkit chat color, 2choose, 3the bind in config, 4new config design, 5multi player and vpn connection fix, 6bandwidth controller for download and upload, 7multi thread using multi sockets instead of pseudo sockets channels on only 1 socket

    donate 0.20 dollar (1 BRL) to motivate me to finish all the ideas of this plugin: https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=68HZ3KKBJQBRW


    i lost my machine on amazon and i'm tired to create another free account, if anyone wants to donate a machine to me for 1 year so i can run vpn i appreciate it. i prefer google because amazon gives little internet like alibaba. and azure is only 1 month free.

    I changed config.yml in .jar to run on localhost( computer for you test) when using the command java -jar vpnbridge.jar


    network bandwidth limiter debug functionality for analyze the players network consume while choose the limit. ark survival envolved has 70KB/s of limit in ultimate graphics.


    i lost my machine on amazon and i'm tired to create another free account, if anyone wants to donate a machine to me for 1 year so i can run vpn i appreciate it. i prefer google because amazon gives little internet like alibaba. and azure is only 1 month free.

    coming soon:
    - port redirection command via command line for other types of services or games.
    - ddos attack testing tool and ddos protection test analyze if the community allows it.
    - relay and region identifier to find the best latencies for your home server.

    I changed config.yml in .jar to run on localhost( computer for you test) when using the command java -jar vpnbridge.jar

    new project source link: https://repl.it/@BatemanBR/bindlanreverseproxyredirector2021#src/vpnbridge/start.java

    looking for "reverse proxy" in google or sourceforge " https://sourceforge.net/directory/os:windows/?q=reverse+proxy+windows " you can clearly see that they do not redirect the lan to the remote. works as my proxy5.jar and redirects internet-input to internet-input and not internet-output to internet-input like this plugin / software that I'm developing. #lan-remote #lan-internet

    internet can use tcp or udp and also use input or output to communicate in the same way using the same 65536 binds. if you create a serversocket (inbound) in 25565 in tcp you can no longer use bind 25565 as client-socket (outbound) either as tcp or udp. every serversocket (inbound) creates a socket (outbound) in a random bind to communicate with the other socket-client using this client-socket-server created by the socketserver other than a socket that when connecting to the socketserver does not create another socket in another bind to communicate with that same socket.

    therefore, 1 serversocket consumes 2 binds to maintain 1 user socket. and 1 user connectivity socket maintains only 1 bind. regardless of whether it is udp or tcp it will use the same 65563 binds. as 1 socket does not have multiple channels to differentiate data for timer parallel task in multi thread (cpu core). where 1 socket extends/instanceof of channel. it will be necessary to identify protocols for each vpn socket using 1 thread (core) for this there will be no interferences of identification of 1 byte to jump to another byte in parallel processes. the solution to redirect binds in multi thread is make 1 redirection socket(channel) for each user to be able to use multi thread (multi core). the operating system consumes a good amount of binds, however 65536 is more than enough for volunteers to share with others remotely and help them bypass their firewall.


    Protect your network server of dos and Ddos using Bandwidth controller by IP using Google Network from Google virtual machine in Google always free . No Ddos ant anti Ddos no dos anti ant dos . I recomend 50kbps by ip for vanilla(bukkit,spigot,papermc) and 50kbps for forge(modded servers)

    if your internet provider, router or operating system blocks incoming data with some kind of firewall from the internet and you already tried to call the call center of your provider and they didn't know how to answer or they did not answer your request or they deny your request to remove the firewall or to redirect the firewall to your router using dmz router functionality, this plugin is the solution to skip this configuration bureaucracy.

    make a donation on paypal to encourage me to finish the plugin completely: https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=68HZ3KKBJQBRW

    this plugin can also be run as a server using the command java -jar vpnbridge.jar in cmd or powershell

    and configuring server side in bridge.yml. as soon as i get excited i will build big improvements on it so that anyone can open a minecraft server, even on their smartphone with low ping.

    as minecraft works with netty multi thread it is possible that a galaxy s10 plus octa core 2.1 ghz supports 200 players with an average of 1 player every 850mhz (150MFLOPS) and 2.1 ghz x 8 = 1680 mhz resulting in 850mhz / 1680mhz = 200 players.

    obviously the server needs to be minimalist and control the ram in the generation of entities to be able to support 200 players in 2GB but everything is technically possible and relatively viable.

    skip the firewall input from isp,router,os by redirecting data to a public network.

    and in the future connect to a relay list of free public servants from community volunteers.


    server command in cli. the plugin have client and also server function (screenshot using my windows amazon 12 month free, as soon as i finish i will use my always free google that has more internet and it's permanently free if nobody gives me financial help)

    donate to encourage me to create relay function public server list and vpn free with bandwidth control by ip of 5KB(minecraft average) by IP = 45.000 minecraft users) and leave a free vm running with relay and vpn. $ 3.5 dollar a month can rent a vm with 1 core 1 ghz(less process than a smartphone or alibabacloud) but with 2.3Gbps and free access from 5KB by IP (minecraft average, ark is 60KB) for 45,000 ips (people / users) just like hamachi does with limitations (for example, you can't create hamachi server in the game ark survival enveloped) and the need to install hamachi client(vpn-connector) on 2 computers

    I will soon make my own vpn and relay server available to make it easier for the community that does not have 1 server or does not have time to install on 1 server despite being simple.

    maybe it's spigotvpnserver.ddns.net or vpnbridgemc.ddns.net from no-ip that is not currently operational but do not worry that it comes with the plugin.

    The answer after will be for example "your public network ip and port is yourname.spigotvpnserver.ddns.net:5555" if I create a dns router

    with this plugin you can use your google always free vm from google cloud to redirect data to a public network and exposed to the internet.

    dont exists others simple free alternatives in spigot or in the rest of the world to do what this plugin does., i try openvpn, softether, avg secure vpn, expressvpn,freelan,hamachi, radmin, game ranger or garena. everyone does not redirect to the public network or does not work with the operating system as in the case of openvpn that despite having scripts to bridge the network card, it crashes the free or cheap operational systems which does not support constant network driver updates.

    you could use openvpn access server and enable dmz for your dhcp virtual ip address, however it is paid https://openvpn.net/vpn-server-resources/how-to-setup-dmz-in-openvpn-access-server/

    in addition to open vpn not being willing to create a relay network for free public servers with dmz option and ping tests like the softether that does not have dmz functionality, not self-managed, only if you manually create 1 program that redirects the public network to the address of the client soft ether as they describe here: https://www.softether.org/4-docs/2-...T_or_Firewall/1.Dynamic_DNS_and_NAT_Traversal

    you can try softether or openvpn with my proxy.jar however it has to be done manually and it is not self managed as this plugin promises in the future.
    type java -jar proxy5.jar for help commands
    the source is in the: https://repl.it/@BatemanBR/serverproxy

    you can create the vpn server with the command java -jar vpnbridge.jar to create the Main ServerSocket in port 9473 in your server vm the plugin-client to connect.

    it's like hamachi with the difference that you don't have to call your friends to your group and you use your own server or some free internet server.

    I hope to create a relay with a list of public servers like the soft ether that does not allow listening servers so that you can connect your server to a public network near your location so that you have 50ms of minimum ping that minecraft requires.

    this plugin serves and is util if you are not able to buy Red Hat or Windows 10 for an online vm and use it with OpenVPN that allows bridging so you can use this plugin that instead of injecting the packages to the network card it redirects for specified sockets.

    Windows Server 2019, Ubuntu 20 and Centos 20 no work with openvpn, i try. Only work windows 10 using like server and Red Hat.

    use java -jar vpnbridge.jar in your server

    google always free from gcloud offers a 1 core machine of 1 ghz 700MB ram and 30TB HDD and 2.3Gbps network that you can use a free and permanent vpn. despite having a weaker processing cpu than alibabacloud alternatives or your own nokia phone, the internet speed is higher than anywhere besides having protection against ddos that i tested attacking with 3 vm 2.3 gbps (6gbps) in the always free vm (2.3gbps), so it is safe and you can also use it as a protector for your internet network. windows 10 network card drivers also proved to be superior to popular versions of linux and to redhat or windows server 2019.

    The plugin is not yet implementing for all configuration in the screenshot functionality in the description like public relay list to find nearby and free servers with low pings.

    if you want to implement on your own, the source code is at: https://repl.it/@BatemanBR/vpnbridgespigot#src/vpnbridge/start.java

    post here on spigot as your own version and if you want to let me know, post in the comments.

    I haven't created a bandwidth controller yet, although it is easy and I haven't even tested it to see if it's working, lately I've been very lazy, I just published to see if anyone is interested in finishing this idea that will help many people open servers in limited places.

    here for example my internet provider does not disable the firewall or enable dmz, i already called several times, my old provider answered my request, but it seems that not everyone meets this need. minecraft requires 4KB-10KB (100Kbps) with 10mbps upload would support 100 players despite my 3 ghz quad core cpu supporting only 80 players in simple lightweight world.

    The future configs, (it’s not working yet because I’m too lazy to implement or do anything in my life.)

    View attachment 561846
    View attachment 561845

    I can finish more quickly if you send a private message and give me attention or watch me I finish the plugin in anydesk, I am needy and any attention will animate my memory. i'm very excited for a vpns relay for home servers to bypass the firewall, i have everything in my head, but i can't write, there is a bug in my mind.

    your (personal/professional) computer no is (personal/professional) computer without ditto clipboard (seriously, your computer is just a gross machine(server machine) without the ditto to organize your quantum mind data of parallel electric photons of your brain.)

    tags: public hamachi alternative radmin garena gameranger hamachi firewall server bypass eth0 tap0 eth tap bridge brctl iface iptable adapter plugin vpn no-ddos anti ddos no bandwidth controller vpn guard protection attack dos ddo descentralized torrent distribuid ping lag latency softether openvpn hack hack redirect router charge balance migration routing switch rack tecnology redirecting data byte int uint32 printwriter Channel netty thread async sync task execution time timer schedule delay inputreader protocol distiguing connection quit open in demand sniff analyze capture test check Port Scan local localhost dhcp dmz Japan russian chine New York Tokyo for onion union leancher economy replication cluster cuda paralel core vector light weight distancie measure time mechanic vps vpc bungee coord waterfall travertine seeder tracker seed leencher bind reverse proxy bind redirector local remote proxy bind proxy local remote bind proxy charge balance cloud load google protection network cluster distribution descentralization paralel async desincronization vetor gpu internal output input external bind lan redirector mirror clone duplication syncronization sync sincronization bind network adapter bridge sincronziation router qos router internal external dhcp network ip virtual bindvirtual virtual bind client-output server-input virtual-input external-output network output bind input outpostream conversion transmission retranssmision conversion redirection redirector bind redirector bind redirect bind output to bind input to bind input to bind output 3d 3 rule comparasion medition 2 / 1 a /* b 2^1 ab ^ c random electron rgb color frequency quantity quantum


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    Version: 24/12/2020(new)
    Not Work on BungeeCord

    Aka BungeeCord is supported ?

    ahhh.... Amazing !!!!!!!!!!
    1. BatemanBR
      Author's Response
      to do this just reconstruct the target IP for the redirection ip by analyzing the coincidence of each byte but I don't know if the zip bytes compressed with zlib or encrypted will interfere with the analysis and I'm tired to do it now and test it. if you can do it yourself if (playerInputBytes192168 ... == ThisMachineExternalIpBytes192168 ...) then vpnUser.output.writeBytes (vpnUserIp); or zlib.descompress (deflate) and after zlib.compress (inflate)
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    This plugin has amazing functionality, thanks to the developers for an amazing plugin!
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    Version: All
    hey posso avere il tuo tag discord che magari mi spieghi come usare questo pluggin

    1. BatemanBR
      Author's Response
      I will make videos and screenshot tutorial as I update every update. you can ask your questions in the spigot's private. make a donation to motivate me to finish all the ideas for this plugin.this plugin can also be used to simplify the construction of other games, software and services with additional independent functionality for cmd (command line) of the windows. redirecting local binds to remote binds is a very useful feature. even more with volunteers like brawler browser p2p or tor network and with the differential of using the physical network transport without the need to install any software like hamachi, brawler or tor by the user players that will connect to your service redirected by another network to bypass the firewall with p2p software in client and server like vpn remote ip dhcp. the difference with my plugin / software is that it will not need any software from the player. for it to connect to your network. because you are not getting a virtual ip addres on a virtual network dhcp from some vpn equals from your router. you are getting a physical ip and a physical port from the internet from someone who wants to lend the network without a firewall to you create your service. redirecting your address from router through outgoing traffic to remote-ip: 25564 that will be listening through incoming traffic.