VSkills 1.4

Adds skills for players to work towards

  1. cblacks26
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:

    VSkills updated to 1.16.3 from 1.7.9

    VSkills is a plugin that provides skills that you can level up, all inside a master ranking system. VSkills also keeps track of your kills deaths and kd ratio. The Skills allow you to make money based on two factors 1: the xp given for the event 2: the players money multiplier. When players rank up they are awarded tokens. The tokens can currently only be used on increasing the money multiplier.


    • Acrobatics : Jumping and falling through the sky
    • Archery : Killing mobs and players with a bow and arrow
    • Axes : Killing mobs, players and chopping down trees
    • Hoe : Using your hoe for crops and even killing
    • Pickaxe : Mining and killing
    • Shovel : digging and killing
    • Sword : killing
    • Unarmed : digging, mining, woodcutting, hunting, farming

    • VGod:
      • description: Gives the specified player god mode
      • usage: /VGod
    • VBoard:
      • description: Toggles the types of scoreboards
      • usage: /VBoard [XP, Level, Stats, Power]
    • VPower:
      • description: Changes the players current power and max power
      • usage: /VPower [refresh, set]
    • VReset:
      • description: Resets all of the players data
      • usage: /VReset
    • VSkills:
      • description: Show the VSkills Help menu
      • usage: /VSkills
    • VSave:
      • description: Saves all the loaded player's data
      • usage: /VSave
    • VStats:
      • description: Shows different leaderboards
      • usage: /VStats [options]
    • VTokens:
      • description: Uses the players reward tokens
      • usage: /VTokens [money]

    • VSkills.board
    • VSkills.god
    • VSkills.reset
    • VSkills.power
    • VSkills.save
    • VSkills.stats
    • VSkills.tokens

    • Vault