VTL ~ VillagerTradeLimiter [1.14 - 1.18.2] 1.5.6

~ Fix those pesky OP villager discounts! ~

  1. 1.5.6 ~ Fix nametagging and support SafariNet

    This update adds two items to the IgnoreHeldItems list by default in config.yml:
    1. "name_tag" fixes an issue with using a nametag on a villager.
    2. "ghast_spawn_egg" adds support for SafariNet.

    Thanks to Turjoy9 on GitHub for adding these!

    As always, if you have any issues or suggestions,
    join our Discord for quick and friendly support!​
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  2. 1.5.5 ~ Fix villager demand bug

    FIX ~ When increasing the MaxUses and making the same trade at least 1500 times over a short period of time, the demand for multiple trades suddenly skyrockets to a large number (like 9 million), and the prices of those trades jump to 64. This issue has now been fixed, thanks to ZaraZarazua on Discord for reporting the bug!
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  3. 1.5.4 ~ Fixed IgnoreHeldItems

    Again thanks to blyatcyka on Discord, fixed the IgnoreHeldItems feature.
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  4. 1.5.4 ~ Fixed IgnoreHeldItems typo

    There was a typo in the code that prevented the IgnoreHeldItems feature from working. This is now fixed, thanks to blyatcyka on Discord for the report!
  5. 1.5.3 ~ Support for GriefPrevention, WorldGuard, and other plugins!

    Happy Easter weekend! Today, this update provides support for plugins that have non-vanilla behavior when interacting with villagers. I would like to thank Taner and blyatcyka on Discord for reporting the conflict! This includes:
    • GriefPrevention
    • WorldGuard
    • SafariNet
    • And many more!
    If the villager trading menu opens when it's not supposed to (for example, when using a spawn egg to capture a villager in SafariNet), you can add item types to the...
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  6. 1.5.2 ~ Added 1.18.2 support

    Hello! This update brings support for 1.18.2 servers. As always, if you have any issues or suggestions, join our Discord for quick support!
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  7. 1.5.1 ~ Shopkeepers support!

    In this update, I have added support for the Shopkeepers plugin! Shopkeeper villagers are no longer affected by this plugin, so now you'll always see the shopkeeper's trades instead of the vanilla villager's trades. Citizens NPCs were already (and continue to be supported) in the same way. Thanks to Aysel_ on Discord for reporting the conflict!

    The following new settings in config.yml toggle whether to ignore Citizens and Shopkeepers NPCs in this plugin:
    Code (Text):
    # Ignore Citizens NPCs, and/or...
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  8. 1.5.0 ~ Biggest update yet!

    Hello, everyone! I've got a big update for all of you :) As always, if you have any issues or suggestions, join our Discord server or use the Discussions tab for quick support! The many changes in this update are:

    FIX ~ Fixed a villager inventory dupe bug, where opening a villager's trading menu would multiply the villager's inventory contents 16 times. ( Thanks to @xlxLoi )

    FIX ~ Smoothed out the Hero of the...
  9. 1.4.4 ~ Increase discounts

    FEATURE ~ Now you can increase the villager curing discount (further reduce prices) by setting MaxDiscount to any number greater than 1.0 in config.yml. This can be done globally, for all trades, or for individual trades. Thank you, pudg on Discord, for suggesting this feature!

    For example, the following config setting will increase the discount on paper, so the discounted price will change from about 18 paper-per-emerald down to 1...
  10. 1.4.3 ~ Add global MaxUses setting

    FEATURE ~ Added a global setting for MaxUses, which sets the maximum number of times a player can make a trade before the villager runs out of stock on that trade. Thanks to Kid on Discord for the suggestion!

    NOTE: A villager can restock twice per Minecraft day.
    NOTE: The vanilla value of MaxUses for some trades (bows, diamond armor and tools, etc.) is 3. You can find the default vanilla value of MaxUses for every possible trade...
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