VTShop-Silk Spawner 1.0

A gui to purchase SilkSpawners with tokens!

  1. nayoshi12
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    == Dependency ==
    Important: SilkSpawners
    ==What is it?==
    * This plugin creates a way to be able to purchase various types of spawner, from the Silk Spawners plugin. You can deposit voteTokens to the system and you are able tostore your voteTokens safely. Furthermore, you can purchase spawners with the said voteTokens. As a server developer/admin, you are able to configure the files however way you wish.
    ==Features ==
    * Access the gui with /vtgui
    * Check balance with /vtbal
    * For admin, /vtgive (amount) will give you votetokens
    * Configurable prices
    * Configurable Token item to be able to use as a currency to buy spawners.
    * Link to my github is: https://github.com/Next-On-Top/SpawnerVoteTokenUI
    ==Future Update==
    * Permission nodes
    * Vault incorporation

    === Sidenote ===

    * This plugin does not necessarily need VoteTokens, I just named it as such because that was what i was using in my server.