Wallet Wallet 1.0.1

This is a way to get physical money

  1. N4TH4NOT
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    This little plugin handle physical money. If you wish, you can limit the amount of held coins and add some level to store more money for farming principal.
    In RP case, that force players to not looting a entirely chest fill with coins or let players do their own business.

    • wallets : Get all essentials permissions to manage wallets (I refer to it with the term GAMEMASTER)
      • wallet.give
      • wallet.clear
      • wallet.transfer
      • wallet.deposit.accounts
      • wallet.deposit.banks
      • wallet.withdraw.accounts
      • wallet.withdraw.banks
      • wallet.disabled
      • wallet.upgrade.others
    • wallet.give : Use `/wallet give` on any players or clone coins in creative mode
    • wallet.transfer : Use `/wallet transfer`
    • wallet.deposit.account : Use `/wallet deposit` as personal use
    • wallet.deposit.bank : Use `/wallet deposit bank` as personal use
    • wallet.deposit.accounts : Use `/wallet deposit player` on other players
      • wallet.deposit.account
    • wallet.deposit.banks : Use `/wallet deposit bank` on other players
      • wallet.deposit.bank
    • wallet.withdraw.account : Use `/wallet withdraw` as personal use
    • wallet.withdraw.bank : Use `/wallet withdraw bank` as personal use
    • wallet.withdraw.accounts : Use `/wallet withdraw` on other players
      • wallet.withdraw.account
    • wallet.withdraw.banks : Use `/wallet withdraw bank` on other player
      • wallet.withdraw.bank
    • wallet.clear : Use `/wallet clear` on any players
    • wallet.disabled : No wallet, no limitation -> manipulate coins as you want (I refer to it with the term NO_WALLET)
    • wallet.safe : No drop coins when the player die
    • wallet.upgrade : Use `/wallet upgrade` as personal use
    • wallet.upgrade.other : Use `/wallet upgrade` on other players
    • wallet.lv? : Allows to gave the wallet level on indicate '?' (0 or more)

    • /wallet :
      • No arguments : Update wallet icon, no cooldown for GAMEMASTER.
      • give <player_name> [amount] : Give coins to a player wallet or to the inventory if player had NO_WALLET, the default amount is 1.
      • clear <player_name> [amount] : Remove coins from a player wallet, the default amount will clear the target.
      • transfer <player_source> <player_targeted> <amount> : Send coins from a player to an other.
      • deposit [<player|{bank <bank_name>}> <player_name> [amount]] : Deposit coins from a chosen player to one of his bank or his account, without argument the player will be the executor itself and deposit to his account.
      • withdraw [<player|{bank <bank_name>}> <player_name> [amount]] : Withdraw coins from the account or one of bank of the chosen player, without argument the player will be the executor itself and withdraw from his account.
      • reload : Reload all configuration files, GAMEMASTER needed.
      • help : Get the help message, no permission needed.
    ( 1 ) Required plugins
    Vault, Economy Manager (like EssentialsX)

    ( 2 ) I need help
    Read Support section below

    ( 3 ) Why I can not store coins in some inventories ??
    Some inventories are blocked to avoid some possible abuse

    ( 4 ) How can I made suggestion ??
    Currently, you can only start a conversation on Discussion tab on the GitHub project, review section is only for reviews !!

    I will reopen my Discord server sooner as possible, for any help contact me by private message or for any issue report it on the project GitHub (source code link).
    If you do not respect that, I will not respond to your message.

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