Wanderin - Overhauling wandering trader & trader llama mechanics 1.1

Improving Wandering Trader and his Trader Llama

  1. sachingorkar
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Made on 1.16 works on 1.15 too​

    Wandering trader:
    • Ability to add as many trades to wandering trader
    • Ability to remove any vanilla trade item separately
      Code (YAML):

        # list of trade that will be removed from trader
        # use all to disable all vanilla trades
        # a list of all valid trade items can be found on https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/88984/
         # - ALL
          - oak_sapling
          - pufferfish_bucket
      A list of all trade items can be found below

    • Support for Mythic Items from MythicMobs
    • Trader can sell maps to unexplored structures like village, pillager outpost etc. These maps are highly configurable in maps.yml with custom Display,Lore and Custom Model Data(from a resource pack)
      A list of Valid Structure Types can be found here
      display and lore of maps support hex colors too as shown in example below
      Code (YAML):
      : "&ePillager Outpost Map"
          - ""
           - "&6Rescue those golems"
           - "&#e69900 Defeat the outpost leader"
    • Trader Spawns can be disabled in specific worlds in trader.yml
      Code (YAML):
      # worlds in which trader will not spawn
      : [world]

    Trader Llama:
    • Trader llama can now spawn with biome dependent carpet decor
      which can be toggled in traderllama.yml
    • Trader llamas spawns can be disabled in specific worlds in traderllama.yml.
    • Trader Llamas will have a chance to spawn with chest equiped
      containing loot which is configurable in traderllama.yml.
      Code (YAML):
           # size of llama's inventory
      : 12
            # list of items that will randomly selected according to maxamount given
            # - <max amount> <item name>
            # Support mythic items too using : mmitem{item name}
           - 3 WHEAT
            - 4 STICK
            - 1 COAL
            - 2 BEETROOT_SEEDS
      : 9
           - 4 PAPER
            - 1 MILK_BUCKET
            - 2 APPLE
            - 3 OAK_SAPLING
            - 1 BREAD
    • Chance of llama spawning with chest can be Configured.
    • llamas will spit at players if they try to open llama's chest and will lose interest after a while, this can be toggled in traderllama.yml.


    /wi is alias of /wanderin
    permission wanderin.command.*
    gives access to all commands to player

    /wi help: Displays list of commands from wanderin
    permission: wanderin.command.help
    default: op

    /wi reload: reloads wanderin plugin
    permission: wanderin.command.reload
    default: op

    /wi give <map name> <player name>: gives a explorer map to player
    permission: wanderin.command.give
    default: op

    Videos and Images:

    Trader selling maps:

    Biome Dependent Decor on Trader Llama:


    In case facing any problem with plugin or want to report a bug or want to request a feature you can dm me on discord at username
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