Wandering Trades - Easily Customize Wandering Traders [1.16-1.18+] 1.7.0

Totally Customize the trades of Wandering Traders using easy GUIs! Player Heads, Plugin Items, more!

  1. jmp
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    English, German, Simplified Chinese
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    WanderingTrades is a plugin that allows server owners to customize the trades of Wandering Traders through an easy to use in-game GUI. Also allows for creating custom traders and villagers, as well as selling Player Heads of players from your server!
    • Adds trades defined in config files to Wandering Traders.
      • In-game GUI config editor
      • Trade config files are located in the
        Code (Text):
        folder in your server.
      • You may create as many trade configs as you like. If you have no configs, an example.yml config file will be created for you.
      • For more info on what the options are, check out the default config.yml, and the example.yml
      • Check out the VanillaTweaks-style microblocks.yml trade config mbdemo.png
    • Supports custom player heads, custom item lores, custom item names, enchantments, and custom NBT data.
    • Supports RGB colors, gradients, and rainbows for trader and item names in 1.16+ using MiniMessage. To see how to format text for all versions refer to this page
    • Customizable chance for each trade config to be added to Wandering Traders, with option to limit to one config per trader.
    • Automatically adds trades for player heads of players from your server to Wandering Traders, with customizable head names, lore, amount, and fully customizable prices. Configure in playerheads.yml
    • Option to remove the original trades of Wandering Traders
    • Summon custom Wandering Trader or Villager defined in config files through commands.
      • Command summoned traders can be configured to have custom names above their heads in the trade config.
      • Command summoned traders can refresh their trades automatically after an amount of time set in config.yml
      • You can summon Traders that do not move around using the noai summon commads.
      • If the value 'invincible: true' is in a trade config and a trader is summoned by command using that config, the trader will never despawn or take any damage from anything, except from players with the `wanderingtrades.damage` permission
    • Language localization support
      • Includes English (en_US), German (de_DE), and Simplified Chinese (zh_CN) locales by default. Set the language in config.yml.
      • Any text in menus or commands is translatable
      • If you can speak another language and want to help translate the plugin make a Pull Request on GitHub or send me a config on Discord.



    Commands and Permissions
    • /wanderingtrades
    • /wanderingtrades edit
      • Open the trade config edit GUI menu
      • /wt editconfig
        • Edit the config.yml in-game through a GUI menu
      • /wt editplayerheads
        • Edit the playerheads.yml in-game through a GUI menu
      • Requires permission: wanderingtrades.edit
    • /wanderingtrades reload
      • Permission required: wanderingtrades.reload
    • /wanderingtrades list
      • Permission required: wanderingtrades.list
    • /wanderingtrades summon
      • Summons a Wandering Trader using the specified config
      • Permission required: wanderingtrades.summon
    • /wanderingtrades summonvillager
      • Summons a Villager using the specified config
      • Permission required: wanderingtrades.summonvillager
    • wanderingtrades.damage: needed to deal damage to command summoned traders with the invincible option on in their trade config.
    Plugin Compatibility
    • Integration with McRPG
      • Using MCRPG_SKILL as the material for a trade result will give random McRPG skill unlock books.
      • Using MCRPG_UPGRADE as the material for a trade result will give random McRPG skill upgrade books.
      • Example config using McRPG: mcrpg.yml
    • Integration with WorldGuard
      • In config.yml there is a configurable white/black list of WorldGuard regions to allow refreshing the trades of command spawned traders in.
    • Supports custom items from any plugin! Simply use the in-game config editing GUI (/wt edit) and set your trades to use custom items, for example Crazy Crates keys!

    Opt-out of anonymous stats in the global bStats config.[​IMG]

    Looking for other Vanilla Tweaks datapack plugins?
    Check out VanillaTweaks by Machine Maker! If you use their "PersistentHeads" Module, Wandering Trades and other plugins Player Heads will preserve their Name and Lore after placing and breaking!
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    Version: 1.7.0
    Amazing plugin, finally can fix useless the wandering trader's trash emerald deals :D
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    Version: 1.6.6
    Just found this plugin, absolutely fantastic, works a charm and very easy to custom add loot!
  3. namad0lan
    very nice plugin. Easy to set up and high amount of customizations.

    small blocks are cool so i kept them.

    allows custom items too!
  4. ScreaminMonk
    This has been in use on our multiplayer server for many months now and has been extremely reliable. Love the amount of customizations that I can do to our trader. Thanks for the work you've put into this.
  5. _elro_
    Great plugin. There is 1 problem though and that is that you need to type "Yes" to do anything and it gets annoying
    1. jmp
      Author's Response
      I am so sorry you must either click the button in chat or type yes to confirm potentially irreversible actions. It sounds like it's really difficult for you. I think we should also remove the warnings that show up when running 'rm -rf /', they are really annoying
  6. tobikd1
    Awesome plugin, 100% customizable!
    That new update for disable commands is great!

    Thank you for this plugin.
  7. dinoboss2001
    Version: 1.6.5
    genail plugin a mi nunca se me ocurriĆ³ editar estos villagers aventureros porque soy un chaval acostumbrado a lo clasico un buen plugin , un buen dev .
  8. Cantibra
    Version: 1.6.5
    A wonderful plugin with an excellent developer...
    Really friendly and communicative.

    100% customizable! Thank you that you share this plugin with us! =)
  9. Minestick
    Version: 1.6.4
    Wonderful add-on to spice up your SMP experience, it adds the trades in a vanilla fashion without breaking the immersion of the game. Perfect plugin if you want a way to deliver rare items to your players.
  10. Leomelonseeds
    Version: 1.6.4
    The plugin works exactly as intended. Everything is quite customizable and easy to use. If you ever wanted wandering traders on your server to be useful, this is the plugin you are looking for.

    The author is very helpful too, implemented a feature request of mine within 2 days.