Wardrobe+ 1.5.2b (MC: 1.9.4)

A Minecarft GUI expansion plugin.

  1. LKPridgeon
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    LKPridgeon, Sanothia
    ====== What is WardrobePlus (WDP) ======
    WDP is a GUI inventory which stores Leather armour dyed to a load of different colours to give the effect of a "Wardrobe". This plugin includes Player heads which you can customise! This plugin is designed to be for a Hub server.

    === How to install: ===
    • Save "WDP.jar" to your plugins folder and then just reload your server (Or restart, both work)

    === Launcher ===
    • To obtain the launching item just use the command /wdp getItem [inventory]

    == Build Log ==

    V: 1.46 Build:
    • Permission changes
    • Other armor support
    • Wear blocks on any part of your body
    • General Bug fixes

    V: 1.47 Build:
    • Minor Bug Fixes
    • Lib Listener updates

    == Version 1.5 Additions ==
    • Store all inventory data on load to save IO and CPU usage
    • Simplified Configurations
    • Fix the reload command
    • Rewritten Inventory Handler
    • Updated Lib
    == Configuration ==


    == Basic Permissions ==
    • Permissions allow much more tailoring to your needs as of build 1.46 to allow use of a inventory give the player wdp.inv. [Inventory]
    • For use of signs use wdp.sign
    • For obtaining of the activation item allow them wardrobe.getItem
    • For other permissions please visit the usage page.

    == Basic Commands ==
    • /wdp getitem [Inventory] - Activator
    • /wdp inv [Inventory] - Open Inventory
    • /wdp crafting - Workbench
    • /wdp enchanting - Enchanting Table (Needs Book-shelf's around for high level)

    This plugin is being expanded at a fast pace with the Mini-Game Creation and GUI creation therefore to remain one plugin we have decided to use a central dependency as of version 1.5. This will be included within the Jar until finished.
    As of version 1.6 we hope to have powerful API ready for use of other developers whether mini-games or server management along with a central bug reporting database which allows us to run Quick fixes to the plugin if accepted. This will also mean Wardrobe plus will have its own website: Link closer to the time!
    *We are open to suggestions no matter big or small this could be features , addons or whatever else you can think of we need these to help grow the plugin out further.

    == Known Issues ==
    • Whilst there is support for in-game editing the commands are currently not tied to the saving systems.
    == Have an issue ==
    If you spot a bug please PM either LKPridgeon or Sanothia as this information is vital.
    Please include version Number and any information of what happened.

    == Need Help ==
    If you need help setting up this plugin please feel free to ask by private messaging the creator or sending and email to: [email protected]. No extra charge will be sought after for any help we provide which may include creation/modifications of configuration files.

    == Donation Link ==
    Want to help us out feel free to donate to help us further develop the plugin.

Recent Updates

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  2. Hat & Head Fix
  3. WDP Beta 1.5.1c

Recent Reviews

  1. tommyvanaarde
    Version: 1.5.1 - Beta - 23112014c
    Doesn't work, no commands, no config.
    1. LKPridgeon
      Author's Response
      What version are you using and what command are you attempting to do?
      The config by default is left empty as I felt there was no need to create a inventory for the user.