Wardrobe 2.6

a Wardrobe Plugin for your Server

  1. SkeletDev

    1) Put the plugin in your plugins folder.
    2) Restart the server.
    3) You are done !

    - Permissions
    - Item Drop / Move Options
    - Commands (/Wardrobe help for more Infomation)
    - equip Gui
    - Custom Sounds
    - Custom config.yml
    - 1 Disco Armor
    - 12 Boots with trails and effects
    - 14 Block Hats
    - 14 Player Heads (13 conficuable)
    - 17 Colored Leather Armor (3 Pages on. On 3 Page Disco Armor)
    - Hard Armor: Diamond, Iron, Gold, Chain Armor
    - Villager
    - 6 menu . (Main/Colored Leather Armor/Hard Armor/Boots/Hats/Heads)
    - the menu names in config.yml can you change

    Code (Text):

      Prefix: '&7[&6Wardrobe&7] '
      Item Name: '&6Wardrobe'
      Item Lore: '&7Open it :)'
      Get Join Item: true
      Item ID: 388
      enabled World: world
      Cleare Armor on World Change: true
      Main Inventory Name: '&aChoose your outfit'
      Boots Inventory Name: '&aBoots'
      Leather Armor Inventory Name: '&aLeather Armor'
      Hard Armor Inventory Name: '&aHard Armor'
      Hat Inventory Name: '&aHats'
      Remove Armor Name: '&4Remove Armor'
      Heads Inventory Name: '&aPlayer Heads'
      Boots Icon: 301
      Leather Armor Icon: 299
      Hard Armor Icon: 311
      Hat Icon: 103
      Remove Armor Icon: 166
      Banner Icon: 425
      No Permissions: '&4You dont have Permissions for this.'

      Slot: 0
      #Config Slots   : 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8
      #Minecraft Slots: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9
      disable Item Drop: true
      disable Item Move: true
      Villager Name: '&6Wardrobe'
      Next Page: '&aNext Page'
      Main Menu: '&6Main Menu'
      Previous Page: '&4Previous Page'
    Leather Armor: #No name are 'null'
      AquaHelmet: 'Aqua Helmet'
      AquaChestplate: 'Aqua Chestplate'
      AquaLeggings: 'Aqua Leggings'
      AquaBoots: 'Aqua Boots'
      BlueHelmet: 'Blue Helmet'
      BlueChestplate: 'Blue Chestplate'
      BlueLeggings: 'Blue Leggings'
      BlueBoots: 'Blue Boots'
      FuchsiaHelmet: 'Fuchsia Helmet'
      FuchsiaChestplate: 'Fuchsia Chestplate'
      FuchsiaLeggings: 'Fuchsia Leggings'
      FuchsiaBoots: 'Fuchsia Boots'
      GrayHelmet: 'Gray Helmet'
      GrayChestplate: 'Gray Chestplate'
      GrayLeggings: 'Gray Leggings'
      GrayBoots: 'Gray Boots'
      GreenHelmet: 'Green Helmet'
      GreenChestplate: 'Green Chestplate'
      GreenLeggings: 'Green Leggings'
      GreenBoots: 'Green Boots'
      LimeHelmet: 'Lime Helmet'
      LimeChestplate: 'Lime Chestplate'
      LimeLeggings: 'Lime Leggings'
      LimeBoots: 'Lime Boots'
      YellowHelmet: 'Yellow Helmet'
      YellowChestplate: 'Yellow Chestplate'
      YellowLeggings: 'Yellow Leggings'
      YellowBoots: 'Yellow Boots'
      MaroonHelmet: 'Maroon Helmet'
      MaroonChestplate: 'Maroon Chestplate'
      MaroonLeggings: 'Maroon Leggings'
      MaroonBoots: 'Maroon Boots'
      NavyHelmet: Navy Helmet'
      NavyChestplate: Navy Chestplate'
      NavyLeggings: Navy Leggings'
      NavyBoots: Navy Boots'
      OliveHelmet: 'Olive Helmet'
      OliveChestplate: 'Olive Chestplate'
      OliveLeggings: 'Olive Leggings'
      OliveBoots: 'Olive Boots'
      OrangeHelmet: 'Orange Helmet'
      OrangeChestplate: 'Orange Chestplate'
      OrangeLeggings: 'range Leggings'
      OrangeBoots: 'Orange Boots'
      BlackHelmet: 'Black Helmet'
      BlackChestplate: 'Black Chestplate'
      BlackLeggings: 'Black Leggings'
      BlackBoots: 'Black Boots'
      PurpleHelmet: 'Purple Helmet'
      PurpleChestplate: 'Purple Chestplate'
      PurpleLeggings: 'Purple Leggings'
      PurpleBoots: 'Purple Boots'
      RedHelmet: 'Red Helmet'
      RedChestplate: 'Red Chestplate'
      RedLeggings: 'Red Leggings'
      RedBoots: 'Red Boots'
      TealHelmet: 'Teal Helmet'
      TealChestplate: 'Teal Chestplate'
      TealLeggings: 'Teal Leggings'
      TealBoots: 'Teal Boots'
      SilverHelmet: 'Silver Helmet'
      SilverChestplate: 'Silver Chestplate'
      SilverLeggings: 'Silver Leggings'
      SilverBoots: 'Silver Boots'
      WhiteHelmet: 'White Helmet'
      WhiteChestplate: 'White Chestplate'
      WhiteLeggings: 'White Leggings'
      WhiteBoots: 'White Boots'

    Disco Armor:
      Name: '&4D&ci&6s&ec&2o &aA&br&3m&1o&4r'
    Hard Armor:
      DiamondHelmet: 'Diamond Helmet'
      DiamondChestplate: 'Diamond Chestplate'
      DiamondLeggings: 'Diamond Leggings'
      DiamondBoots: 'Diamond Boots'
      IronHelmet: Iron Helmet'
      IronChestplate: Iron Chestplate'
      IronLeggings: Iron Leggings'
      IronBoots: Iron Boots'
      GoldHelmet: 'Gold Helmet'
      GoldChestplate: 'Gold Chestplate'
      GoldLeggings: 'Gold Leggings'
      GoldBoots: 'Gold Boots'
      ChainmailHelmet: 'Chainmail Helmet'
      ChainmailChestplate: 'Chainmail Chestplate'
      ChainmailLeggings: 'Chainmail Leggings'
      ChainmailBoots: 'Chainmail Boots'
      Boot Color: '&eColorBoots'
      Boot Fire: '&cFireBoots'
      Boot Ghost: '&fGhostBoots'
      Boot JetPack: '&6JetPackBoots'
      Boot Love: '&4LoveBoots'
      Boot Music: '&aMusicBoots'
      Boot Slime: '&aSlimeBoots'
      Boot Smoke: '&7SmokeBoots'
      Boot Snow: '&fSnowBoots'
      Boot Speed: '&7SpeedBoots'
      Boot Villager: '&2VillagerBoots'
      Boot Water: '&bWaterBoots'
      Hat 1: '&ePumkin Hat'
      Hat 1ID: 1
      Hat 2: '&eEmerald Block Hat'
      Hat 2ID: 133
      Hat 3: '&eJukebox Hat'
      Hat 3ID: 2
      Hat 4: '&eMelon Block Hat'
      Hat 4ID: 103
      Hat 5: '&eRedstone Block Hats'
      Hat 5ID: 152
      Hat 6: '&eSponge Hat'
      Hat 6ID: 19
      Hat 7: '&eLeaves Hat'
      Hat 7ID: 18
      Hat 8: '&eGlass Hat'
      Hat 8ID: 20
      Hat 9: '&eFence Hat'
      Hat 9ID: 85
      Hat 10: '&eCommand Block Hat'
      Hat 10ID: 137
      Hat 11: '&eDiamond Block Hat'
      Hat 11ID: 57
      Hat 12: '&eSlime Block Hat'
      Hat 12ID: 165
      Hat 13: '&eDropper Hat'
      Hat 13ID: 158
      Hat 14: '&eChest Hat'
      Hat 14ID: 54
    PlayerHeads: #No Color Codes!
      Head 2: 'YourHeads'
      Head 3: 'YourHeads'
      Head 4: 'YourHeads'
      Head 5: 'YourHeads'
      Head 6: 'YourHeads'
      Head 7: 'YourHeads'
      Head 8: 'YourHeads'
      Head 9: 'YourHeads'
      Head 10: 'YourHeads'
      Head 11: 'YourHeads'
      Head 12: 'YourHeads'
      Head 13: 'YourHeads'
      Head 14: 'YourHeads'

    Code (Text):

    - Wardrobe.Heads -> Open heads GUI
    - Wardrobe.Hat-> Open hatGUI
    - Wardrobe.LeatherArmor -> Open Colored Leather Armor GUI
    - Wardrobe.HardArmor -> Open Hard Armor GUI
    - Wardrobe.Boots -> Open Boots GUI
    - Wardrobe.Boots -> for Boots menu command
    - Wardrobe.Hats -> for Hats menu command
    - Wardrobe.LeatherArmor -> for LeatherArmor menu command
    - Wardrobe.Move -> allow to move items
    - Wardrobe.Drop -> allow to drop items
    - Wardrobe.spawnvillager -> for spawnvillager command
    - Wardrobe.removevillager -> for removevillager command
    - Wardrobe.Boots* -> for all Boots
    - Wardrobe.BootsLove -> Love Boots
    - Wardrobe.BootsFire -> Fire Boots
    - Wardrobe.BootsMusic -> Music Boots
    - Wardrobe.BootsWater -> Water Boots
    - Wardrobe.BootsSmoke -> Smoke Boots
    - Wardrobe.BootsVillager -> Villager Boots
    - Wardrobe.BootsSlime -> Slime Boots
    - Wardrobe.BootsSnow -> Snow Boots
    - Wardrobe.BootsColor -> Color Boots

    Server there are using this Plugin:
    (Your Server using this Plugin? than write me a PM)


    1 - You may modify the code, but not crediting your self
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Recent Reviews

  1. Roadhog360
    Version: 2.6
    No screenshots, plugin does not work in 1.11.2.
    Fix the error to get a better review.

    Usability: 0/10 (Plugin doesn't work, unable to review it)
  2. Bixilon
    Version: 2.6
    Wo ist der Surcecode?
    Wenn ich ihn hab und ihn ein bissl verändert habe, nutzt mein Server es!(Bixilon-Netzerk)

  3. jaredgunnels
    Version: 2.6
    Some of the permissions don't seem to work for me. Overall this seems to be one of the finest wardrobe plugins I've seen :). Do you think that you would add more particle effects? Those are my favorite
  4. TheJaraGamer
    Version: 2.6
    excellent plugin, greetings from costarica
    Un plugin muuy bueno no coje mucha ram y corre bien :D
    1. SkeletDev
      Author's Response
      Thank you :)
  5. DavidML
    Version: 2.5
    I found that if I put all the permissions and remove the permission of Wardrobe.LeatherArmor not work either.
    You can also set a permission to remove armor to discoarmor ....
  6. KranchyDevs
    Version: 2.4
    Good job man!
    Nice plugin!
  7. MrBruno
    Version: 2.4
    Now the plugin is cool fixed at 100% not bugs found i recommend this! :D
  8. MrBruno
    Version: 2.3
    Good Update thanks i would love that on hats have other page with heads of players name!
    1. SkeletDev
      Author's Response
      Thank you the player heads i will look for the next updates
  9. Jogoyo
    Version: 1.9
    Still waiting for commands to individually select hats, armour, etc... Other than that, good job dev!
  10. Kjoenn
    Version: 1.8
    whats the command to remove the vilagers xD
    1. SkeletDev
      Author's Response
      The command i will add it at the next update