Warn 1.2.1

Warn Plugin for Bukkit/Spigot

  1. Bug fixes

    Hello everyone!

    First, thank you for downloading this plugin!
    1000 downloads is a huge number and I really like your Feedback.

    Update 1.2.1:
    This update includes a fix for a problem that I've mentioned a couple of days before. To ban a player more than 21 days causes an weird error.
    This update should fix that problem.

    Coming soon: Update 1.3:
    Some of you wanted some extra features. In the next update, I will include some of these features:
    - TimeBan-Command: ban a player with a specific time
    - Expiry time for warns: if enabled, after a certain amount of time the warn gets removed (suggested by @greednglory )

    Please let me know about any bugs :)

    With kind regards,
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