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Give your player a warning if they do something wrong

  1. i998979
    Warning System
    Give your player a warning
    This skript is a multi-functional skript that give your player a warning.
    If player did something to break the server's rule, but you don't want to ban them.
    This skript is exactly what you need.
    This skript is a request that by City of Wiedergeburt (UniRails)
    And i optimized it for a long time.
    Today, it is finally released

    easy command with a lot of shortcut
    remove and reset warning availiable
    you can show the player's warning
    unwarnable permission that you cannot warn a player that have unwarnable permission

    Green text can be replaced by wrn, wn, ws
    Red text is argument
    /warn add | a | + | plus <player>: give player a warn
    /warn remove | r | del | delete | take | t <player>: remove a warn from player
    /warn reset | rs | clean | cl | clear | c <player>: reset a player's warn
    /warn show | s | display | d | print | p | pt <player>: show player's warn
    /warn help | h | hlp | hp: show a in-game help page

    Command Permission:
    Unwarnable Permission:

    Skript 2.1.2+
    SkQuery 3

    Test Server
    Wiedergeburt.epac.to (Partner server)

    Permanent Ban

    Temporary Ban

    Help page



    Warn removed

    Warn resetted

    Show data but player's data not found

    Show player's warn
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