WarningManager 2.4

Auto-punishments, dynamic group punishments, SQL, Console support, sets: time, date, sender & reason

  1. Synapz
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    Source Code:

    WarningManager is a small, very useful plugin that will help admins control their players. It allows you to warn a player with a reason so you can see players' past behaviors. This is extremely useful in many cases, picking staff, choosing a punishment, or just to scare players into not breaking rules. It is designed to be small and efficient so it does not cause large errors in console and is easily updated for each Minecraft version so owners never experience compatibility issues. WarningManager also features many permission nodes and customizable options so owners have full control of their staff, players, and WarningManager's default values.


    Command - Permission - Purpose
    All - warnings.* - Gives access to all commands
    /warn <group> <player> [reason] - warnings.warn - Warn a player
    /check <player> - warnings.check - Check a player's warnings and warning count
    /reset <player> - warnings.reset - Reset a player's warnings and warning count
    /delete <group> <player> <warningNumber> - warnings.delete - Delete a specific warning
    /whelp - warnings.help - View WarningManager command menu
    /wreload - warnings.reload - Reload the plugin's config file
    No command - warnings.notify - Notifies people with this permission when someone is warned (if broadcast-message is false only)

    In game Commands:

    Check Command:

    An Example:
    After the command was typed in, they were auto muted because the punishment for advertising on 1 was a mute.

    * Console support
    * SQL to sync between all your servers
    * OfflinePlayer support
    * Efficient control
    * Customizable configuration
    * Ability to reload plugin instead of whole server
    * Auto punishment system
    * Fast updates on new Minecraft releases
    * Date and Time recorder
    * A new really cool feature which lets you specify the type of warning and then have dynamic punishments based on that type. For example, 2 warnings for hacking will result in a ban while 2 warnings for advertising will result in a mute

    Code (Text):

    # Tips for editing YAML files:
    #   - Do not use TABS! Instead use 4 spaces.
    #   - Lines starting with '#' symbol are completely ignored
    #   - Indentation matters
    #   - If you have any errors, google 'yaml parser' to easily correct them
    # Developer: Synapz_

    # MySQL settings to sync warnings in a database.
      enabled: false
      host: host
      database: database
      port: 3306
      username: username
      password: password
      table: warnings
    # Set the prefix of the plugin. This gets displayed on all messages sent through the plugin.
    prefix: '&8[&6WarningManager&8] '

    # Message that gets sent out when a player gets warned. Tags: %TARGET% %REASON% %SENDER%
    broadcast-message: '&6Player &c%SENDER% &6has warned &c%PLAYER% &6for &c%REASON%'

    # If set to true the broadcast-message will get sent to everyone on the server.
    # If set to false the broadcast-message will only get sent to players with warnings.notify permission
    broadcast-reason: true

    # Reason that will be supplied when the reason argument is not full filled
    default-reason: 'Follow all the rules!'

    # Message that gets sent to the player when they get warned. Type 'none' to ignore. Tags: %SENDER% %REASON% %WARNINGS%
    player-message: '&6You now have &7%WARNINGS% &6warnings.'

    # Auto command handler. Number is amount of warnings until the 'command' happens.
    # Avaible tags are %PLAYER% %SENDER %REASON% %WARNINGS%
    # Do not include the '/' at the begining of the command

    # A new really cool feature called groups which lets you specify the type of warning and then have dynamic punishments based on that type
    # Make a new group by forming 2 spaces, typing in the group name followed by a : (hit enter) then 4 spaces with the warning number and : (hit enter) command: then "" with the command inside it. Then do /wreload
    # Follow the defaults for examples
          command: "kill %PLAYER%"
          command: "kick %PLAYER% %REASON% (%WARNINGS%) - %SENDER%"
          command: "kick %PLAYER% Greifing is not allowed! (%WARNINGS%) - %SENDER%"
          command: "ban %PLAYER% Greifing is not allowed!"
          command: "ban %PLAYER% Hacking is not tolerated! - %SENDER%"
          command: "mute %PLAYER%"

    # Format for the date when displayed in /check
    # Tags: %WEEKDAY%, %YY%, %MM%, %DD%
    date-format: '%WEEKDAY% %MM%-%DD%-%YY%'

    # Weather the time will be displayed and set in military-time (24 hour) or 12 hour (with am/pm) form
    military-time: false


    WarningManager is now available on GitHub! Want to commit or just check out the mechanics behind it all? Feel free here:

    Plugin Metrics


    If you are feeling generous and want to support my work please consider donating



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