Warnings 4.1

Ever wanted a very simple Warning plugin? Well now you do! Download Warnings today and enjoy!

  1. Kurtexz

    What is Warnings?

    Warnings gives you a nice and light plugin with no lag what so ever! It allows Users with permission to warn other users instead of saying to them in chat or messaging them and also In place of /kick. With the /warn command there is set options for what happens each time a player is warned, the first time it will display a warning message with the reason why they have been warned, then a second warning followed by another Warning and for max warnings the player gets a Kick. This process repeats it's self over and over so you no longer need to mess about with the config to remove players names!

    In Warnings 4.1

    • Fixed Bugs + Updater
    • Added and fixed messages


    All Command and Permissions can be found at my Bukkit page found here.


    Do you need help? Maybe setting up the plugin or can't find out how it works? Then leave a comment below, we will be our pleasure to help you out.

    Also, if you have found a bug then please report it! I always appreciate feedback from people too.

    CREDIT: Cooltext for providing images (Click Here)
    BUKKIT PAGE: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/kxz-warnings/
    LATEST VERSION: When you download you are looking for this file:


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