Warp Magic 1.8.0

Where did you learn how to teleport?

  1. sword7
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Source Code:

    Warp Magic is a teleportation management system. It adds homes, warps, and a variety of other features.

    Home: Each player can set one home. Inviting a player grants them access to the home. Players will respawn at home if it is set.
    /home - teleport home
    /home help - show commands
    /home set - set home at location
    /home del - remove home
    /home invite [player] - invite player to home
    /home uninvite [player] - uninvite player from home
    /home flist - list friends of home
    /home fclear - clear home friends list
    - - - - - - - fhome - - - - - - -
    /fhome [player] - teleport to player's home
    /fhome list - list homes you are invited to

    Warp: By default, players can set three warps. A warp is a named location, only accessible by the player that set it. Additional warps can be unlocked by right clicking on a warp stone.
    /warp [warp] - teleport to a warp
    /warps - list all your warps
    /warp help - show commands
    /warp set [warp] - set a warp
    /warp update [warp] - update a warp
    /warp del [warp] - remove a warp
    /warp list - list all your warps
    - - - - - - - Admin - - - - - - -
    /warpstone [amount] - get warp stone(s)

    Vortex: A vortex is a global location that any player can access. Additional vortexes can be unlocked by right clicking on a vortex stone.
    /vortex [vortex] - teleport to a vortex
    /vortexes - list all vortexes
    /vortex help - show commands
    /vortex set [vortex] - set a vortex
    /vortex update [vortex] - update a vortex
    /vortex del [vortex] - remove a vortex
    /vortex list - list all vortexes
    /vortex mylist - list all vortexes you have set

    - - - - - - - Admin - - - - - - -
    /vortexstone [amount] - get vortex stone(s)

    Global Point: Global points are locations that any player can access.
    /spawn - teleport to spawn
    /hub - teleport to hub
    /north - teleport to north warp point
    /south - teleport to south warp point
    /east - teleport to east warp point
    /west - teleport to west warp point

    - - - - - - - Admin - - - - - - -
    /setspawn - set spawn location
    /sethub - set spawn location
    /setnorth - set north location
    /setsouth - set south location
    /seteast - set east location
    /setwest - set west location
    /delspawn - delete spawn location
    /delhub - delete spawn location
    /delnorth - delete north location
    /delsouth - delete south location
    /deleast - delete east location
    /delwest - delete west location

    Jinn can spawn in flower forest and dark forest biomes. They also have a reduced chance to spawn in regular forest biomes. Jinn are tough to defeat as they will randomly teleport their attackers.


    When slain, jinn will drop slime balls and ender pearls. Jinn also have a small chance to drop a warp stone or a vortex stone that can be used to unlock warps or vortexes respectively.

    In addition to setting teleport points, you can also request to teleport to friends.

    /tpa [player] - request to teleport to player
    /tpahere [player] - request that a player teleports to you
    /tpdeny - deny a request
    /tpaccept - accept a request


    There are a few additional commands just for fun.

    /jump - teleport to the block you are looking at
    /top - teleport to the highest block at your location
    /bottom - teleport to the lowest block at your location

    Teleportation effects are unlocked by acquiring and right clicking on an effect stone. The effect plays at the location the player disappears and reappears. Effects are equipped through a gui.


    flame.png lightning.png bats.png

    /we - open warp effect selection menu

    Admin Commands:
    /effectstone [type] [amount] - get effect stone(s)

    Warp magic supports user groups. Groups are defined in a the group.yml configuration file. All players within a group are granted a specified number of bonus warps and vortexes.

    Warp magic will automatically detect and use dynmap to display global points and vortexes.


    • warpmagic.loot - grants access to /warpstone, /vortexstone, and /effectstone
    • warpmagic.bypass - set infinite warps and vortexes
    • warpmagic.extras - grants access to /jump, /top, and /bottom
    • warpmagic.effects - unlocks all teleportation effects
    • warpmagic.set - edit global points
    • warpmagic.jinn - grants access to /jinn
    • warp.nolimit - removes maximum warp limit
    • vortex.nolimit - removes maximum vortex limit
    • warpmagic.* - grants all permissions

    Valid worlds: sets the worlds that teleport points can be placed in. Any world in this list will be loaded before the plugin is enabled.
    Hidden vortex owner names: When a player lists all vortexes, they are marked with the name of the player that set the vortex. Vortexes with owners on this list will still show up in the list, but will not be marked with a name. It may be useful to add the names of server operators to this list.




    Copyright © 2019 Eclipse Kingdom

Recent Reviews

  1. BeerDude
    Version: 1.14_1.5
    Best teleportation plugin! Cool teleportation effects for server supporters. and Warp Stones/Vortex Stones make the server feel immersive. Vortex Stones are basically public player warps and that another benefit too!
    Amazing plugin thank you!
    1. sword7
      Author's Response
      Wow! I'm glad you like the plugin :) Thanks for the review.
  2. Jaye
    Version: 1.14_1.4
    Amazing plugin! The only problem I encountered was that the starting warp/vortex numbers didn't update for players that were online before i changed the settings. There was also an unhandled exception when I tried to invite a player to my home that hasn't been online yet after installing the plugin.
    1. sword7
      Author's Response
      Thank you! And that is interesting, I will try to fix both of those issues in the next update.
  3. blaukat
    Version: 1.14_1.3
    A new take on an old idea, the Warp Stones are cool and the plugin does more than you would expect.