Warp Magic 1.10.1

Where did you learn how to teleport?

  1. sword7
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
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    Warp Magic is a feature-full teleportation management system. It allows players to set different types of warp points. It also allows players to send teleportation requests to other players.


    Charge Up - The time that a player needs to concentrate before teleporting. Players can be assigned different charge up times using the warpmagic.chargeup.[seconds] permission.


    Cooldown - Amount of time that a player needs to rest between teleports. Players can be assigned different charge up times using the warpmagic.cooldown.[seconds] permission.


    Effect - An effect will play when a player teleports. Green particles will spawn and the sound of an enderman teleporting will play. All or part of this effect can be disabled in the config.yml file.

    Teleport Requests:

    TPA: A request sent to a target player, asking to teleport to the target's position.

    TPAHERE: A request is a request sent to a target player, asking for the target player to teleport to the requester's position.

    The target player is prompted to accept or deny the request.


    Warp Points:

    Global Points - Global points are special locations that any player can access. The two global points are the spawn point and the hub point.

    /spawn - teleport to spawn
    /hub - teleport to hub

    Home - Each player can set one home. Inviting a player grants them access to the home. Players will respawn at home if it is set.

    Warp - A warp is a named location that is only accessible by the player that set it. Additional warps can be unlocked by acquiring and right clicking on a warp stone. Players can be gifted bonus warps with the warp.bonus.[amount] permission.

    Vortex - A vortex is a universally accessible location that is maintained by a player. Additional vortexes can be unlocked by acquiring and right clicking on a vortex stone. Players can be gifted bonus vortexes with the vortex.bonus.[amount] permission.


    There are a few additional commands, just for fun.

    - teleport to target block
    /top - teleport to target block
    /bottom - teleport to target block


    Warp Magic is compatible with Dynamp. Dynmap is a web based map for Minecraft servers. You can download it here.

    The map will display all universally accessible warp points (spawn, hub, and vortexes).


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Recent Updates

  1. 1.18 support
  2. 1.17 support
  3. Stone Bug Fix

Recent Reviews

  1. BladeAxe
    Version: 1.9.2
    This is an excellent plugin and have been using it for over a year now, however I was wondering when it would be updated to 1.17 as my players really need this.
    1. sword7
      Author's Response
      Just added 1.17
  2. ChickBoyYT
    Version: 1.9.2
    Hi, i'm an italian guy, i love this plugin so i translated this one in italian, enjoy :D
    # Use %p for player name, %w for warp point name, %e for effect name
    Home unset: §casa non settata
    Home set: §acasa settata
    Home update: §acasa aggiornata
    Home delete: §acasa rimossa
    Home invite: §2%p §aè stato invitato a casa tua
    Home invitation: §aSei stato invitato alla casa di §2%p§a
    Invalid - world: §cI warps non possono essere settati in questo post
    Invalid - special characters: §cI nomi devono solo contenere a-z, A-Z, 0-9, _, e -
    Invalid - too long: §cI nomi devono contenere un massimo di 20 caratteri
    Invalid - reserved word: §cIl nome selezionato è riservato da WarpMagic
    Suggest - fhome: §aUsa §7/fhome %p §aper teletrasportarti
    Suggest - home: §aUsa §7/home §aper teletrasportarti a casa
    Suggest - set home: §cUsa §7/home §cper settare la casa
    Suggest - warp update: §aUsa §7/warp update [warp] §aper aggiornare un warp
    Suggest - warp del: §cUsa §7/warp del [warp] §cper eliminare un warp
    Suggest - vortex update: §cUsa §7/vortex update [vortex] §cper aggiornare un vortex
    Suggest - vortex del: §cUsa §7/vortex del [vortex] §cper eliminare un vortex
    Suggest - warp effect: §7Usa /we per equipaggiare un effetto
    Friend list title: '§aAmici:'
    Fhome list title: '§aCasa Amici:'
    Success - home uninvite: §2%p §aera non era stato invitato alla tua casa
    Success - home fclear: §aAmici della casa non invitati
    Success - warp set: §aWarp §2%w §asettato
    Success - warp update: §aWarp §2%w §aaggiornato
    Success - warp delete: §aWarp §2%w §aeliminato
    Success - vortex set: §aVortex §2%w §asettato
    Success - vortex update: §avortex §2%w §aaggiornato
    Success - vortex delete: §avortex §2%w §aeliminato
    Success - global set: §a%w hub settata
    Success - global delete: §a%w hub eliminata
    Success - effect unlock: §aHai sbloccato §2%e
    Success - deny tpa: §arichiesta negata
    Format - home invite: §cDevi scrivere §7/home invite [player]
    Format - home uninvite: §cDevi scrivere §7/home uninvite [player]
    Format - fhome: §cDevi scrivere §7/fhome [player]
    Format - warp set: §cDevi scrivere §7/warp set [warp]
    Format - warp update: §cDevi scrivere §7/warp update [warp]
    Format - warp delete: §cDevi scrivere §7/warp del [warp]
    Format - warp: §cDevi scrivere §7/warp [warp]
    Format - vortex set: §cDevi scrivere §7/vortex set [vortex]
    Format - vortex update: §cDevi scrivere §7/vortex update [vortex]
    Format - vortex delete: §cDevi scrivere §7/vortex del [vortex]
    Format - vortex: §cDevi scrivere §7/vortex [vortex]
    Format - tpa: §cDevi scrivere §7/tpa [player]
    Format - tpahere: §cDevi scrivere §7/tpahere [player]
    Format - effectstone: §cDevi scrivere §7/effectstone [effect]
    Error - add self: §cNon puoi invitare te stesso!
    Error - remove self: §cNon puoi invitare te stesso!
    Error - player not found: §cPlayer §7%p §cnon trovato
    Error - already friend: §7%p §cè stato invitato alla tua casa
    Error - not friend: §7%p §cnon è stato invitato alla tua casa
    Error - not home: §cQuesto comando serve per teletrasportarsi a casa di amici
    Error - not invited: §cNon sei invitato a casa di §7%p§c
    Error - friend home unset: §7%p §cnon ha impostato una casa
    Error - warp limit: §cLimite warps raggiunto
    Error - warp already set: §cWarp §7%w §cgià settato
    Error - warp not found: §7%w §cnon trovato
    Error - vortex limit: §cLimite di vortici raggiunto
    Error - vortex already set: §cVortex §7%w §cgià settato
    Error - vortex not found: §7%w §cnon trovato
    Error - vortex not owner: §cNon sei il proprietario di §7%w
    Error - global not set: §c%w hub non settata
    Error - not allowed: §c Non hai il permesso per eseguire questo comando
    Error - max warps: §cHai già il numero massimo di warps
    Error - max vortexes: §cHai già il numero massimo di vortexes
    Error - effect unlocked: §cHai già sbloccato §7%e
    Error - tpa self: §cSei già nella tua posizione attuale
    Error - no pending tpa: §cNon hai richieste di teletrasporto in sospeso
    Error - requester not online: §cL'invitato non è più online
    Error - request not recognized: §cTipo di richiesta non riconosciuta
    Error - effect not found: §cEffetto §7%non §ctrovato
  3. BeerDude
    Version: 1.14_1.5
    Best teleportation plugin! Cool teleportation effects for server supporters. and Warp Stones/Vortex Stones make the server feel immersive. Vortex Stones are basically public player warps and that another benefit too!
    Amazing plugin thank you!
    1. sword7
      Author's Response
      Wow! I'm glad you like the plugin :) Thanks for the review.
  4. Jaye
    Version: 1.14_1.4
    Amazing plugin! The only problem I encountered was that the starting warp/vortex numbers didn't update for players that were online before i changed the settings. There was also an unhandled exception when I tried to invite a player to my home that hasn't been online yet after installing the plugin.
    1. sword7
      Author's Response
      Thank you! And that is interesting, I will try to fix both of those issues in the next update.
  5. yummyfps
    Version: 1.14_1.3
    A new take on an old idea, the Warp Stones are cool and the plugin does more than you would expect.