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Warp Magic 1.9.2

Where did you learn how to teleport?

  1. Stone Bug Fix

    Whats New?
    * Fix issue in which warp and vortex stones would not get consumed in legacy versions.
  2. Permission Bonus Fix

    What new?
    warp.bonus.[bonus] and vortex.bonus.[bonus] now uses the highest value found instead of adding the values
  3. Simplicity and Polish

    Whats new?
    * Recoded many sections
    * Added plugin wiki
    * Removed Jinn
    * Removed warp effects
    * Removed cardinal global points (north/south/east/west)
    * Added teleport cooldown and charge up times
    * Replaced permission groups with multiple permission:
    > warp.cap.[integer] : overrides warp limit
    > vortex.cap.[integer] : overrides vortex limit
    > warpmagic.cooldown.[seconds] : overrides teleport...
  4. All Premium Features Free

    Whats new?
    * All premium features are now free
    * Crafting null pointer bug fix
  5. Command Jinn protection, Preparation for premium

    Whats new?
    * Added security to /jinn command (now requires permission warpmagic.jinn)
    * Added new permission warpmagic.jinn - grants access to /jinn
    * Folder name changed from WarpMagic to WarpMagicLite
    [Warning] - the contents of the WarpMagic will have to be manually moved into the new folder (if you want to keep using your old data)
  6. Jinn, Update Commands, and Global Points

    Whats new?
    * Added Jinn!
    * Jinn will spawn in flower forest and dark forest biomes
    * Jinn have a reduced chance to spawn in forest biomes
    * Jinn can drop warp stones and vortex stones
    * Added a jinn config file
    * Added update commands
    /warp udpdate [warp-name] - update warp at location
    /vortex update [vortex-name] - update vortex at location
    * Added more global warp points
    - north, south, east, west
    * Added new global point commands
    /north - go to north warp...
  7. Bug Fix

    Whats new?
    * worlds with "_" in the name will no longer cause an error
    * small command description changes
  8. Poof

    Whats new?
    - Fixed issue in which config would not load
    - Added sound when unlocking warps, vortexes, and new effects
    - Improved melting effect
    - Added two new effects:
    * Poof
    * Dark Poof
  9. Spawn update

    Whats new?
    - New players will now spawn at the spawn point if it is set
    - New players will now spawn at the hub if the spawn point is not set

    I don't know why this was not already implemented :p
    Sorry to those that have to re-download.
  10. Small Fix

    Whats new?
    - fixed an issue where players with the warpmagic.effects permission could not select an effect if they had never unlocked an effect before.