Warp/Speed 1.0

A basic Minecraft plugin for warps and speed.

  1. OBitzs
    Warps and Speed plugin
    Warping and speed for your Minecraft server!

    What is this plugin?

    This plugin gives you the ability to change your flying/walking speed. It also give you the ability to Create/delete and list warps.

    What can it do?
    • Create a warp
    • Delete a warp
    • List warps
    The warps are case sensitive.

    Why this plugin?
    It is an easy to use plugin, there is no advertising. And it works!

    • /warp Gets a list of all warps.
    • /setwarp <name> Sets a warp.
    • /delwarp <name> Deletes a warp.
    • /speed <fly|walk> <1|10> Changes your walking or flying speed. command for setting your flying speed to for example 5 would be /speed fly 5 command for setting your walking speed to for example 3 would be /speed walk 3
    • warp.set For setting a warp.
    • warp.delete For deleting a warp.
    • warp.list For listing a warp and warping.
    • speed For changing your speed.
    Minecraft 1.8

    Bugs? If you find a bug please contact me.