WarpGui 1.0.4

Create easy warps, show them via gui's Optional Essentials integration

  1. Scorpion
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13


    Warpgui allows for easy setting getting of warps and even allows you to alter the warp items.
    Ontop of that you can integrate the warps from essentials and use them without losing anything!

    Code (Text):
      console: 'In-game commands only'
      noperm: '&4You don''t have permission for this'
      prefix: '&7[&4WarpGui&7]'
      nonumber: '&4Fill in a number!'
      seterror: '&4Syntax Error: &7/setwarp <name>'
      warpset: '&7Created warp&4 {0}'
      warpError: '&4Syntax Error: &7/warp <name/number>'
      warpremoved: '&7Removed warp &4{0}'
      warplist: '&7List of warps: {0}'
      nowarpsset: '&4There are no warps set!'
      warp: '&7Teleporting to warp &4{0}'
      nowarps: '&4Page {0} has no warps to show'
      removeerror: '&4Syntax Error: &7/delwarp <name>'
      removefail: '&7Warp &4{0} &7does not exist'
      removed: '&7Successfully removed warp &4{0}'
      listnumber: '&4Must be a number!'
      listshow: '&7Showing &4{0} &7out of &4{1} &7warps.'
      warpunknown: '&7Warp &4{0} &7doesn''t exist'
      aremoved: '&7Warp &4{0} &7appears to have been removed'
      removedall: '&7Deleted a total of &4{0} &7warps'
      teleport: '&7Teleported to warp &4{0}'
      itemerror: '&4There was an error setting the item for warp {0}'
    #Following is related to essential for import purposes if essentials is detected.
    #The warps owned by essentials will not be deleted so all warps that essentials has will remain intact.
    #/warpimport will scan and grab all essentials known warps and add them to the database.
    #/warpexport will attempt to send all warps it knows to essentials.
    #You can however choose to delete them from either database if desired.
    #Please take caution using these commands as they cannot be undone!
    #Related commands: /warpexport /warpimport /warpremove <all/name>
      noessentials: '&4You need essentials installed to import/export warps.'
      essentialsImport: '&7Imported &4{0} &7warps from essentials database'
      essentialsExport: '&7Exported &4{0} &7warps to essentials database'
      importerror: '&4There was an error importing {0} from essentials database'
      exporterror: '&4There was an error exporting {0} to essentials database. Please check console'
      essentialsremoveError: '&4Failed to remove warp {0}'
      essentialsremovedall: '&7Removed &4{0} &7warps from essentials database'
      essentialsremove: '&7Removed warp &4{0} &7from essentials database'
      removesyntax: '&4Syntax Error: &7/warpremove <name/all>'

      Title: '&7WarpGui'

    Code (Text):
    /warp <name/page> - Warp to a specific warp or open a page.
    /warp - Opens page 1 if it exists
    /setwarp <warp> (number) (item) - Creates a warp at location.
    /delwarp <all/name> - Removes a warp
    /warplist - Shows a list of warps

    Code (Text):

    Essentials related permissions:


    The plugin will when installed tell its api a player teleported so the /back function will still return to the moment /warp was used and a player teleported to a warp as normal.

    Always try to use the latest essentials to avoid possible bugs/errors

    Pm me and ill work on a fix!

    Let me know! :)

    This plugin was originally going to be premium but decided to release it for free and let more people use it. If however you wanna donate for whatever reason, you can freely do so with the link provided at the top of the page. This is ofcourse optional!

    When creating a warp by default the plugin will "attempt" to default to a block which is most common to that type of world.(But can be altered)
    nether = netherrack
    end = ender_stone
    default worlds = grass

    Hope you enjoy this plugin :)

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