WarpGui 1.0.4

Create easy warps, show them via gui's Optional Essentials integration

  1. 1.13 Support

    + Added 1.13 Support
    + Added Sign options.

    * Fixed some issues


    To create a sign you need:
    - 1 sign
    - Permission:

    <name of warp>

    New Config Entry:
    - '&7[&4WarpGui&7]'
    - '&4{name}'
  2. 1.0.3

    + Extended create command.
    * Fixed some errors.

    This update allows you to directly change the item.

    /setwarp <name> (color code) (item)

    /setwarp spigot 5 dirt
    Using this command will create the warp spigot in a purple color for gui looks with the icon as a dirt block.
    If you mistake the item like trying to do endstone instead of ender_stone it will create the warp as normally but will notify you about the item being wrong and create a barrier for it instead.

    The color codes are...
  3. Gui Bug

    Fixed an issue with players being stuck in gui mode not allowed to move items way after the gui was closed.

    Also the support for %page% has been removed since I didn't see any value in the variable being there.
  4. npe

    * Fixed npe showing up for strange unknown reasons