Warps - Lightweight / Easy to setup / Customizable - 1.13 1.0

Another warps plugin for your Spigot server... but lightweight!

  1. JohnnyKPL
    Native Minecraft Version:
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    • 1.13
    Source Code:
    Another warps plugin for your Spigot server...

    • Fully-customizable
    • Lightweight - only 12KB!
    • Easy to setup
    • Open-source - pull requests gladly accepted
    Plus, every warp that you create can be attached with:
    • A location (obviously)
    • A sound, played when the warp is issued
    • A message, sent when the warp is issued
    • A permission
    • /warps create <warp> - to create the warp at the location you're at.
    • /warps setsound <warp> <sound> - a complete sounds list can be found here.
    • /warps setmessage <warp> <message>
    • /warps delete <warp>
    • /warps save - to save the created warps to the storage file: warps.yml.
    • /warps reload - to reload only the storage file.
    • /warps - to list all available warps.
    • /warp - to use your warp!
    • warps.warp - to use /warp command. The only command available to all by default.
    • warps.list - to use /warps command.
    • warps.<command> - for other /warps sub-commands.
    • warps.* - for the complete access of the plugin.


    Test server:

    The plugin has been created for the SFP (Simple Factions Project), a Factions server that I'm developing in part-time.