Warps, Portals and more! | Warp & Teleport System | 1.8 - 1.16 5.0.2-free

The best and easiest way to deal with warps!

  1. v5.0.2 - Maintenance update

    • Fix proxy features for servers on v1.8.8 ("disabled in spigot.yml") (#578)
    • Fix head items on 1.12.2 and lower (#563)
    • Support banner items (#562)
    • Fix offline players in tab completions...
  2. v5.0.1 - A few bugfixes

    • Fix exceptions when WorldGuard is not installed (#569)
    • Fix RTP exceptions (#570)
    • Fix not cancelled HotbarGUI drop events (#567)
    • Fix wrong config refactoring -> SetupAssistant was buggy...
  3. v5.0.0 - Major content update

    Thank you for using my plugin!
    It's been a long trip since last update and I'm very happy to present you all this new stuff. I hope you are doing well, enjoy the update!

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  4. v4.2.12 - Stability update

    • Add max/free options for RTP (#436)
    • Add /modifyWarp for SimpleWarps (normal modify permission) (#476)
    • Placeholder content: players, max-players, status, motd (#353)
    • Add WarpSign copy tool (STRG + PICK)...
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  5. v4.2.11 - Important bugfixes

    • Exclude teleport interceptions and move into BETA access (#458, #460)
      • BETA functions must be enabled manually to prevent broken updates
    • Adds function to fetch new WarpSystem jar from BungeeCord to simplify update procedure...
  6. v4.2.10 - Important bugfixes

  7. v4.2.9 - Bugfixes, Hex Color Support & Foreign Teleport Support

    • Fixes not closing inventories when teleporting through WarpGUI #423
    • Fixes replaced custom sounds #427
    • Fixes some GUI open, close and cancel sounds #427
    • Adds custom sound options for WarpGUI icons, WarpSigns and...
  8. Portal fast editing, cooldown and currency update + Bugfixes and further improvements

    • Adds fast-editing tool for portals
    • Adds option for command suggestion color
    • Supports following currency APIs now: EXP, Essentials, Vault, PlayerPoints, GemsEconomy
      • Currency display name can be configured in config (you may have to change that in your language files if you changed that there)
    • Adds cooldown for portals, WarpSigns, WarpGUI, shortcuts, Tpa, TpaHere, Back and RandomTP (Premium)
    • Adds bungee wide cooldown for Tpa, TpaHere,...
  9. Minecraft 1.16.1 support & SetupAssistant

    • Fixes options panel
    • Fixes NPE on shutdown (BungeeCord)
    • Fixes lava damage by lava blocks of portals
    • Fixes some bugs for features without destination
    • Fixes weird purple item lores in inventories
    • Spawn usage was displayed incorrectly
    • Fixes first join spawns in different worlds
    • Fixes chunk preloading for 1.16.1
    • Fixes disabled but shown holograms for portals
    • Fixes sounds with a volume of 0
    • Fixes locations with high coordinates...
  10. Bugfixes only! - Highly recommended

    PlayerWarps - Important
    If you have issues with disappearing playerwarps: My recent update fixes that after a recreation of your player warp. But to update to my recent update you should increase "Time_After_Expiration" in the config to "100d" to prevent your warps to be deleted automatically by mistake.

    • Fixes disappearing warps if multiple servers running playerwarps (playerwarps...
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