Warps, Portals and more! | Warp & Teleport System | 1.8 - 1.16 4.2.8-free

The best and easiest way to deal with warps!

  1. Portal fast editing, cooldown and currency update + Bugfixes and further improvements

    • Adds fast-editing tool for portals
    • Adds option for command suggestion color
    • Supports following currency APIs now: EXP, Essentials, Vault, PlayerPoints, GemsEconomy
      • Currency display name can be configured in config (you may have to change that in your language files if you changed that there)
    • Adds cooldown for portals, WarpSigns, WarpGUI, shortcuts, Tpa, TpaHere, Back and RandomTP (Premium)
    • Adds bungee wide cooldown for Tpa, TpaHere,...
  2. Minecraft 1.16.1 support & SetupAssistant

    • Fixes options panel
    • Fixes NPE on shutdown (BungeeCord)
    • Fixes lava damage by lava blocks of portals
    • Fixes some bugs for features without destination
    • Fixes weird purple item lores in inventories
    • Spawn usage was displayed incorrectly
    • Fixes first join spawns in different worlds
    • Fixes chunk preloading for 1.16.1
    • Fixes disabled but shown holograms for portals
    • Fixes sounds with a volume of 0
    • Fixes locations with high coordinates...
  3. Bugfixes only! - Highly recommended

    PlayerWarps - Important
    If you have issues with disappearing playerwarps: My recent update fixes that after a recreation of your player warp. But to update to my recent update you should increase "Time_After_Expiration" in the config to "100d" to prevent your warps to be deleted automatically by mistake.

    • Fixes disappearing warps if multiple servers running playerwarps (playerwarps...
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  4. Important bugfixes, RTP rework & further improvements

    • Fixes ChatInput error
    • Fixes hidden trusted player warps if public warps are disabled
    • Fixes doubled teleport timer for BungeeWide teleportation
    • Fixes doubled teleports during activated spawn feature
    • Fixes double sended "target server is not online" message
    • Fixes data errors for networks running BungeeCords without installed warp plugin on it
    • Fixes doubled after-effect-animations
    • Fixes spawn usage instead of bungee target location
    • Fixes...
  5. Important bugfixes & Improvements

    • Fixes unloaded teleporters file exception on enable
    • WarpGUI detects same items now correctly
    • WarpSign text change issues fixed
      • Reediting resets the text of a sign sometimes
      • Error on Spigot v1.8
    • Fixes player coordinate transportations between multiple servers
    • Fixes teleport messages for Spigot v1.8
    • Fixes some minor teleport messages (hidden - added a timeout for that)
    • Fixes permissions of /tptoggle, /tpall, /tpaall if...
  6. Portal rework & Important bugfixes

    Effect-/NativePortal rework > Portals
    • New permissions: WarpSystem.Use.Portals and WarpSystem.Modify.Portals
    • Finishes portal rework (effect/native portals merged)
    • Old data will be imported automaticly
    • Adds functions of native portals for effect portals and functions of effect portals for native portals (commands, particle animations, teleport sounds)
    • Adds a teleport name for portals
    • Better...
  7. Spigot teleport commands, removed chat ads & Improvements

    • All teleport commands such as /tp, /tpa, /tpahere, ... are now available on your spigot server for free
    • No more scheduled advertising
    • User feature permissions can be disabled now (Config.yml)
    • Improved back command
      • Deaths will only be recognized as back position if a player has the permission 'WarpSystem.Use.TeleportCommand.Back.Deaths'
      • /back works unlimited times now if the history size is set to 1
  8. Important bugfixes

    • Fixes teleport command
    • Fixes color support for messages (WarpGUI icons)
    • Fixes some missing skin data when creating new PlayerWarps
    • Fixes servers without economy plugins and PlayerWarps enabled
    • Cuts coordinates for teleport displayname ("80.3144169648" will be displayed like "80.31")

    Other changelog can be found...
  9. Huge update!! PlayerWarps, Improvements & Bugfixes

    The complete rework of the old "TempWarps" is finally here! With the new release you get brand new options in the latest editor design! Along with a new PlayerWarp list, you can now perfectly control all your warps.

    All old TempWarps are imported automatically!

    Permission changes:
    • "WarpSystem.Use.TempWarps" > "WarpSystem.Use.PlayerWarps"
    • "WarpSystem.Modify.TempWarps" >...
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  10. Minecraft 1.15 support

    • Minecraft 1.15 support
    • Shows "welcome" message only on the very first start
    • Removes shortcut commands correctly after editing, deleting, reloading
    • Fixes NullPointerException during shutdown of BungeeCord servers
    • Fixes reload command with renamed jar files
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