Warps, Portals and WarpSigns | Warp System | only GUI 2.1.0

The best and easiest way to handle warps in a nice simple GUI! NEW: Warp Signs

  1. WarpSigns!

    [+] You can use WarpSigns now (Description on my Overview-page)
    [+] You are able to use heads in the Warp-GUI
    [~] Some color fixes in the Portal-GUI
    [~] Some minor bugfixes
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  2. Important bugfix! This is the replacement for the 2.0.8!

    [+] Disable teleport-messages (Config)
    [+] Change function of /warp - GUI or teleport (Config)
    [+] Message, that says, that your teleport was cancelled if you have walked

    [+] Better Editor for Portals: Information how to do it by using the items
    [+] /portals list: Shows all portals and let you edit them easily

    [~] The Warp-/Category-Lore will now saved correctly
    [~] The PortalEditor transfers now the particle-height
    [~] Portal-Holo-Names are in a default white color (color-code with '&')...
  3. This update isnt stable, please avoid this.

    Don't stable, please avoid this update!


    I tried to support all old data from v2.0.2, but I didn't work... I don't know how to fix it, but many Warps and Categories should load by the 2.0.8. Hope you can enjoy the new features!

    [+] Disable teleport-messages (Config)
    [+] Change function of /warp - GUI or teleport (Config)
    [+] Message, that says, that your teleport was...
  4. Important Bugfix! You can now import data from other systems!

    [~] Different directories could not been created because of a bug.
    [+] Added the "/portals" alias to "/portal"
  5. You can now import data on 1.9 and above!

    [~] Bugfix: Remove bug, that crashes the WarpSystem in 1.9 and above
  6. You can finally import data automatically!


    Import data from EssentialsX or CategoryWarps (Contact me if you have other warp systems where you want to import things) [import with "/warpsystem import <Type>"]
    [+] Change the whole item in the IconEditor
    [+] Move Warps between different categories
    [+] Command domination over other system

    Fixed bugs:
    • The GUI title will now update after switching the...
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  7. You can delete portals now + Some Bugfixes

    [~] Some bugfixes:
    • Loading language entries from plugin
    • Delete-Confirm-GUI of portals fixed
    • Some language-updates
  8. Command-Changes, Bugfixes AND PORTALS!

    [+] You can use portals now! With the new portal editor in the hotbar, you can easily create some portals with different animations and particles. You can change the radius, the height of the hologram-tag or animation circle. You can change the animation type (circle or other stuff) or add a permission to the portal.

    [~] Command-Changes: Sepperate the command /warps and /warp. With /Warps, you can open the gui like the old way you did. With /warp, you can teleport yourself...
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  9. Bugfixes (Selfresetting of descriptions, Disappearing of warps in categories, Potions)

    [~] Descriptions will not resetting itselves at every edit
    [~] Warps in categories are now visible
    [~] Potions can now be used

    If you use potions in spigot 1.9+ and then downgrade to 1.8-, the plugin does not recognize which potion it is.
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  10. Language-Update and some bugfixes

    [~] Language-Update
    [~] Bugfixes