Warps 1.0

A simple sign warps plugin for those using CMI but not EssentialsX

  1. pinkpig
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    Let me start off by saying, I take absolutely no credit for this plugin. I received a vouch copy from the developer to create this plugin for me. We agreed it would be private unless I made it public. You can contact the developer here if you'd like to confirm.

    This plugin adds support for [Warp] signs just like in Essentials!

    This can be used either as a lightweight replacement of Essentials if you only need the warp feature OR it can be used alongside CMI which does not offer support for [Warp] signs.

    Please note that if you use it alongside CMI you will need to disable CMI's warp alias "/warp" in the aliases.yml file.​

    This plugin has been tested on Paper & Spigot 1.14.x.

    /setwarp <warpName> - Creates a warp if player has permission. Player cannot overwrite an already created warp name. They must first delete the old one. (Warps.warp.create)

    /delwarp <warpName> - Allows deleting a warp. (Warps.warp.delete)

    /warp | /warps - Allows listing all warps. (Warps.warp.list)

    /warp <warpName> - Allows warping to a warp. (Warps.warp.use)
    Warps.sign.create - Allows creating [Warp] signs.
    Warps.sign.break - Allows breaking [Warp] signs. (They can break blocks the sign is placed on but not a big deal).
    Warps.sign.use - Allows using all [Warp] signs.
    Warps.warp.create - Allows creating warps.
    Warps.warp.delete - Allows deleting warps.
    Warps.warp.use - Allows warping to any warp.
    Warps.warp.list - Allows listing all warps (like in EssentialsX)

    Final Notes:
    - Plugin does NOT support warping other players with a command.

    - I have not tested creating enough warps to make it past one page of warps in /warps (lists all warps). So I'm not sure if it offers support for multiple pages of warps or just becomes one very large warp list in chat. However, it would take a LOT of warps to reach this point so likely isn't an issue for most servers.

    This plugin will NOT be updated further as I cannot develop plugins at the moment. However, I've used this plugin on an active server for quite some time with no issues.


    1. You will not claim this plugin as your own.
    2. You will not post this plugin on other websites without my (pinkpig's) permission.

    Please leave a review if you like this plugin! Thanks! <3