watchbungeecord Happy 2015!

Post account after your server for inaugurations and events!

  1. potente1110
    * watch bungeecord *

    I'm having faults with the plugin. Wait for the update. Thanks for your patience <3

    *These sick of losing people, and they do not know when some event or inauguration of some minigame. Well now here your solution. This plugin will this consediendo to put in your title server. For this plugin you live countdown consede 100% real that is working to improve performance with bungee not build anything. We hope you like and what you recommend to friends


    * /watchempezar



    *If there is a bug or fault with the plugin should only comment for improvement. This plugin to cost a lot in its creation and can conseder failures. Discuss if there are failures for improvement. Thank you and good grazing 2015: D