WatchCat | Advanced Hack Blocker | Less False Positives, More Accurate | 1.8~1.13 2.1.7-b5

[Abandoned] A comprehensive anti-cheat solution.

  1. GorlyDJY
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    ExclusiveKnight (test server, suggestions), JinVan (suggestions, false positives), Juli_0 | Julian (discord), onEabled (false positives)
    New Project:
    The following cheating has been confirmed to be detectable:

    • KillAura
    • MultiAura
    • Criticals
    • InventoryHit
    • AntiKnockBack (Still in developing)
    • Fly
    • Glide
    • LongJump
    • LiquidWalk
    • HighJump
    • Speed
    • Step
    • Spider
    • Sneak
    • Omni Sprint
    • Teleport
    • InventoryMove
    • Phase
    • VClip
    • HClip
    • YPort
    • LowHop
    • Derp
    • HeadLess
    • NoFall
    • Timer
    • FastBreak
    • Freecam
    • Blink
    • PingSpoof
    • PlayerESP
    • ChestESP
    • Scaffold (Still in developing)
    • Tower
    • FastBreak
    • FastPlace
    • Liquids

    - Timer
    - KeepAliveFrequency
    - SkinDerp
    - EqualRotation

    - Hover
    - Motion

    - HeadLess
    - Phase
    - Sneak
    - NoSlow
    - Stable
    - Strafe

    - Expect

    - Expect
    - Velocity

    - Move

    - SelfHit
    - Reach
    - Analyzer
    - KillAuraEntity
    - Hitbox

    - Teleport
    - Packet

    - ChestESP
    - PlayerESP

    - InventoryMove
    - InventoryHit
    - InventoryChat
    - AutoArmor

    - Scaffold
    - Tower
    - Liquids
    - FastBreak
    - FastPlace

    - IncorrectMove

    - Move

    - Packet

    - CPS

    - Packet

    Please note that this is not the full list of all hacks detected. There are also other similar cheats are detectable.

    /watchcat - View watchcat's information
    /watchcat notification <messages> - Send a message to people with watchcat.notification permissions (Spaces can be used in messages)
    /watchcat kick <player> <message> - Kick a player (Spaces can be used in messages)
    /watchcat reload - Reload all configuration files.
    /watchcat ban <player> <reason> - Ban a player (Spaces can be used in messages)
    /watchcat tempban <player> <time> <reason> - Temporarily ban a player. E.g: '/watchcat tempban TestPlayer 1d TestReason' This will ban 'TestPlayer' '1day' for 'TestReason'.
    /watchcat unban <player> - Unban a player.
    /watchcat inspect <player> - Check a player's violation level.
    /watchcat gui - Open the WatchCat admin panel.

    /watchcat can be replaced with /wc

    watchcat.commands.kick - The permission to use /wc kick
    watchcat.commands.reload - The permission to use /wc reload
    watchcat.commands.notification - The permission to use /wc notification
    watchcat.commands.ban - The permission to use /wc ban
    watchcat.commands.tempban - The permission to use /wc tempban
    watchcat.commands.unban - The permission to use /wc unban
    watchcat.commands.inspect - The permission to use /wc inspect
    watchcat.commands.gui - The permission to use /wc gui
    watchcat.notification - The permission to get notifications
    watchcat.bypass.<checkname> - The permission to bypass a check

    Supported version: 1.8.8, 1.9.4, 1.10.2, 1.11.2, 1.12.2, 1.13.2
    ProtocolLib (Latest)
    Java 8

    WatchCat compatible with:

    • ViaVersion
    • ProtocolSupport
    WatchCat may not compatible with:
    • Any plugin that modifies player movement/fighting
    • PerWorldPlugins
    I will add compatibility to more plugins.

    Code (Java):

    import org.bukkit.event.EventHandler;
    import org.bukkit.event.Listener;
    import xyz.WatchCat.api.PlayerCheatEvent;

    public class WatchCatAPI implements Listener {

        public void onCheat(PlayerCheatEvent e) {
            System.out.print("Player: " + e.getPlayer().getName());
            System.out.print("CheatType: " + e.getType().name());
            System.out.print("Violation level: " + e.getVL());

    Code (Java):

    package xyz.WatchCat.api;

    public enum CheatType {

        AntiKnockBack, AutoClicker, BlockAction, Criticals, Freecam, InventoryAction, IrregularMovement, Fly, Speed, EntityMove, KillAura, LiquidWalk, MorePackets, GroundSpoof, PingSpoof, Tracer;
    Click Here to download the API

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Recent Updates

  1. 2.1.7-b5
  2. 2.1.7-b4
  3. 2.1.7-b3

Recent Reviews

  1. RafaDev
    Version: 2.1.7-b5
    The best AntiCheat......................................................................
  2. hunsju
    Version: 2.1.7-b5
    I think is agood plugin but you must fix the internal Error for the /watchcat inspect Maybe Ithink I run 1.8.9 Spigot is that plugin with this version comfortable
  3. Artemati
    Version: 2.1.7-b5
  4. kristupas098
    Version: 2.1.7-b5
    This plugin is nice and easy to use but there is a lot of false positives, playerers get teleported in walls, and fills entire console with errors and my server crashes after while then using this anticheat
  5. Wolfex
    Version: 2.1.7-b5
    Can you please make if someone is kicked or banned that you can enter a command in the config?
  6. Scott2453
    Version: 2.1.7-b5
    Good. I like this resourse.. Um Anyway Thanks....! This plugins is the only plugin that supports 1.13.2...
  7. Narcox5
    Version: 2.1.7-b5
    Update, add + bots, end cheat protects... forceop ... :)
  8. DerRedstoner
    Version: 2.1.7-b5
    I really like the combat checks. They detect most clients in a short amount of time.
    The movement checks have some false positives here and there, but most of them get fixed quite fast.
  9. Wolflex
    Version: 2.1.7-b1
    EN :
    1. First of all, good afternoon The anti cheat is very good but it banishes too early and even bids legit players away, and the players have not even given much effort

    2. Can it be that the anti cheat something like an anti dismantling or something that you can not break down?
    This should be done by other plugins, you can remove that and let the Anti Cheat do the work, whatever it is supposed to do, such as Kill Aura or Anti KnockBack detecten or many other modifications.

    3. Because the AntiCheat bans too fast you can remove it and build something like a Protection Level or something like that. 5 Would be the best stage where the Anti Cheat reacts faster like now
    or Level 1 Where the anti-cheat does not react that fast, and for example level 3 is the normal level where the anti cheat does not banish very fast but still does not legitimate it.

    DE :
    1. Erstmal Guten Tag Das Anti Cheat ist sehr gut aber es bannt viel zu früh und bant sogar legit spieler weg und dabei haben die Spieler sich nicht mal sehr viel mühe gegeben

    2. Kann es sein das das Anti Cheat sowas wie ein Anti Abbauen hat oder sowas das man nicht abbauen kann ?
    Das sollen andere Plugins übernehmen können sie das bitte entfernen und das Anti Cheat die Arbeit über nehmen lassen was es auch tuen soll und zwar sowas wie Kill Aura oder Anti KnockBack detecten oder viele weitere Modifikationen.

    3. Weil das AntiCheat viel zu schnell bannt können sie dies entfernen und aber sowas ein bauen wie eine Protection Stufe oder sowas also stufe 5 Wäre die besste Stufe wo das Anti Cheat schneller reagiert so wie jetzt
    oder Stufe 1 Wo das Anti Cheat nicht so schnell reagiert und zum beispiel Stufe 3 ist die Normale Stufe wo das Anti Cheat nicht sehr schnell bannt aber trotzdem den nicht legit zu bannen.
  10. howtoNhut
    Version: 2.1.7-b1
    Please check the package Freecam for the packet. This is a great AntiCheat and the author is very diligent. Can you add each type of hack configuration?