Waypoints 2.8.2

Always find your way back home

  1. Sytm
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    Unsupported 1.12.2 version

    Ever had the problem, that you were on a long trip and don't find your base?
    You could set a warp with a conventional plugin at your home and simply teleport back. But if you want to keep the survival experience of not being able to teleport like that, this plugin could be just what your server needs!

    So, instead of just bringing the player back where he started, this plugin gives him the direction he has to walk back, so he can explore the world even more. To show the player the direction you can select multiple, what I call "displays", to guide the player to his destination.

    It won't get any simpler than that if the player owns a compass. It will have the waypoint as it's target and points into that direction.

    Action Bar Indicator
    This is comparable to the compass but doesn't require one. It will show the rough direction with small sections in the action bar of the player. If the player is too far left, the sections in the right will light up and vice versa.

    When the waypoint is in render distance, a beacon beam will appear at the location of the waypoint, to make it easier to pinpoint the location of the waypoint.

    Blinking Block
    When the player is closer to the waypoint, the beacon will be replaced with a block sequence that will repeat. This is to help him get to the exact location.
    [​IMG] (If the gif doesn't load)

    /waypoints - The main command of this plugin, which opens the GUI

    /waypoints set <Name> - Sets a new waypoint which is only accessible to the player

    /waypoints setPublic <Name> - Sets a new waypoint every player has access to

    /waypoints setPermission <Permission> <Name> - Sets a new waypoint only players with the set permission can see

    /waypoints createFolder <Name> - Creates a new folder only the player has access to

    /waypoints compass - Sets the position the compass will return to when a waypoint is deselected

    /waypoints other <UUID|Name> - Opens the private waypoints of another player


    This permission is required to use the /waypoints command

    This permission is required to show the help menu

    This is the permission required to open the GUI, by default every player has this permission

    This is the permission required to see the public waypoints, by default every player has this permission

    This is the permission required to see the permission waypoints, by default every player has this permission.
    Note: The player still needs the specific permission to see each individual waypoint

    With this permission, the player can see every permission waypoint, independently of the specific permissions
    This permission is required to set private waypoints, by default every player has this permission

    This permission is required to set public waypoints

    This permission is required to set permission waypoints
    This permission is required to delete public waypoints

    This permission is required to delete permission waypoints

    This permission is required to delete waypoints of other players
    This permission is required to rename public waypoints

    This permission is required to rename permission waypoints
    This permission is required to update the display item of public waypoints

    This permission is required to update the display item of permission waypoints
    This permission is required to change the beacon beam color of public waypoints

    This permission is required to change the beacon beam color of permission waypoints
    This permission is required to teleport to private waypoints

    This permission is required to teleport to public waypoints

    This permission is required to teleport to permission waypoints

    This permission is required to teleport to death waypoints
    This permission is required to set the new default compass location

    This permission is required to view others waypoints


    I have tried my best to make as much configurable as possible, so you can customize this plugin to your heart's content.

    Full config

    If you want to support multiple languages, you can now! With the help of my other plugin, each player can change his language that should be used by my plugin. But it is up to you to add the translations for that language.

    English messages file


    This plugin is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License. This means (oversimplification):
    You can use it commercially, modify it and distrubute it, but the source code needs to be public and under the same license, even if you run a modified version on your server and didn't share it anywhere else

    This plugin depends on the following plugins. Just put them into the plugin folder alongside this plugin and you should be good to go

    This plugin uses bStats to collect basic metrics about the usage of this plugin. You can, of course, opt-out of this if you wish. For further information have a look at "What data is collected?" and "Disabling bStats" over here.

    To view the metrics of this plugin, go here.

    Importing files from v1.0
    Before running this plugin, make a backup of the old plugin folder, to prevent data loss in the worst case. Then just boot up the server with this plugin and its dependencies installed and the plugin will do the rest.

    I don't have the necessary time to properly 100% test this plugin, so it could be possible that some bugs appear. If you found one make sure you are using the latest version of this plugin and then describe it as best as possible how to make it appear, what version of Minecraft you are using, and if error messages appear in the console, add these too, then make a post in the discussion so we can fix it.

Recent Reviews

  1. SnowCutieOwO
    Version: 2.6.1
    Hope support 1.12!
    And can I share it to mcbbs.net?
    They should also see such a good and useful plugin!
    1. Sytm
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! I'll look into making this plugin work for pre-1.13 versions. And sure, go ahead share it with that server (although I couldn't find it?)
  2. DoAltPlusF4
    Version: 2.4
    Very impressive plugin with alot of flexibility; the flashing glowstone is very useful.
    When will the anvil GUI be supported by 1.15?
    1. Sytm
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the positive review! It has just been updated
  3. advaleigh
    Version: 2.4
    Added due to player request on our server after nerfing dynmaps for play reasons. This plugin works great, and very clever how the interface functions through the inventory screen. We're survival, so the no teleport aspect is nice, that is not what we were looking for. Just simple clean navigation!
  4. VinceNL
    Version: 1.6
    Please ad an option for automatic death waypoints, and make admin waypoints an other item.
    1. Sytm
      Author's Response
      I'll try to release the 2.0 around Sunday if I manage to do that.
      Could take a bit longer though. The update will add these features
  5. SpookyPirate
    Version: 1.3
    I cannot speak more highly of this plugin. It is so remarkably well done it's shocking. I think that this plugin could be one of those plugins that hangs around forever and is a staple for any server. I do have a few suggestions that would put this plugin completely over the top though.

    #1- It would be great if you added two different economy options to the plugin where the player could pay a configurable fee to teleport to one of their waypoints each time or pay a larger fee for each of their waypoints to be able to teleport to them an unlimited amount of times. If this was added, I think it would be the most balanced and non game breaking player warp system around.

    #2- It would be great to be able to organize waypoints into folders so that the player can have a ravine folder, a mineshaft folder, a shipwreck folder, etc.

    #3- It would be nice if you could add an archive option to each waypoint. For instance, I mark a shipwreck waypoint to revisit. When I return later to loot the shipwreck, I could click a button to have the waypoint archived to another folder to get it off my main waypoints screen but still be able to find it again if I need to.

    #4- Being able to set custom icons for each waypoint would be the absolute icing on the cake.

    Even if none of these were implemented, this plugin as is would be worth AT LEAST $10 if it were premium.

    I can picture how each of the suggestions would work in the GUI and if you would like me to do mockups of how I'm picturing it, I would be happy to do so.

    Thank you for this amazing plugin!!!!
    1. Sytm
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! I am glad that you like it.

      Regarding your suggestions would be something of a bigger scale that would take a bit more time, but it wouldn't be impossible. That would be stuff for a 2.0 version where the saving of data is handled differently to allow such things. The current format is the most efficient way to save data but is not dynamic (side info: This plugin started as a test for that data scheme).

      And the thing is, for a premium resource I would have to post a lot more in here. So for a foreseeable future everyone can be happy with this free resource
  6. LucidusMC
    Version: 1.0
    So far, so good, can't believe it came out days after our players asked for it, it's is a simple but intuitive plugin. I love the way it changes from beacon to flashing glowstone depending on distance. The compass works perfect and so does the action bar variant. So cool, ty!!!
    1. Sytm
      Author's Response
      Happy to hear that you like the plugin. I am open for any suggestions that may even be implemented them if they sound good!