Waypoints 2.8.1

Always find your way back home

  1. New features and performance improvements

    - Added global waypoints everyone has access to
    - Added permission waypoints only players with set permissions have access to
    - Added managing of others waypoints, so you can view and delete them
    - Added possibility to instantly teleport to a waypoint
    - Added world name aliases in the config to make it look fancier in the waypoint overview (Example: world -> Survival World).
    - Added autosaving of waypoints so in case of a crash only the last 5 minutes are lost and not what happened since server startup

    - Improved the message file parser to allow variables and easier to read multiline text
    - Optimized loading and saving of player waypoints to have a lower impact on ram usage if a lot of players are online and actively playing

    - Fixed bug where you can't open the inventory when you are in another world

    Will update plugin overview soon
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