Waypoints 2.8.2

Always find your way back home

  1. Add 1.16.1 support

    - Updated dependency to allow for waypoint name input via an Anvil-GUI in 1.16.1
  2. Fixed bug

    • Fixed NullPointerException bug when using required items for usage and players are joining
  3. Players can now teleport to waypoints pay paying in xp or via Vault

    Implemented #9: Players can now teleport to waypoints only if they have a permission, if they pay or for free configurable for each waypoint type (private, public, permission, death) separately.

    Backup your translation files and then delete them, so the plugin can regenerate them! Then fill in changes you have done back into the newly generated ones!
  4. Added feature that displays only work if player is in possession of a item

    • Added bStats metrics
    • Added the feature requested in #11 (The displays will only work if a player is in possession of a certain item)
    • Modified config extraction, that config.base.yml will always be updated to the latest config and config.yml can be used to actually configure the plugin (More info here)
  5. Fix Anvil-GUI bug

    Fixed bug that when using the Anvil-GUI items can be accidentally be put into the Anvil-GUI and cannot be retrieved (so lost forever)

    NO configuration updates required
  6. Fix error when quitting

    - Fixed error message in the console when a player leaves the server without having a waypoint selected

    You still need to follow the important notes described in the 2.6 update!!!
  7. Added modifiable beacon colors

    - Added option change the color the beacon beam on a per-waypoint basis
    - Added possibility to now also change the display-items of public and permission items

    - Fixed translation bug that caused chat message for updating the item of a private waypoint is the same as that of a private folder
    - Fixed that the old beacon/blinking block won't disappear when the waypoint is switched

    Updating the Md5Lukas-Commons dependency is mandatory
    The old...
  8. 1.15.2 Support

    Fixed the plugin to now work on 1.15.2. Didn't test it for 1.15 or 1.15.1 though.
  9. Fixed probably cause of 100% CPU usage bug

    Hopefully fixed the bug, that consumes 100% of the CPU resources. Can't reliably test it. But I am very confident that this is the solution
  10. Fixed bug with displays

    - Fixed bug where some display methods stop working if another player selects them