Waypoints 2.8.0

Always find your way back home

  1. The complete recode

    Everything but better. Take a look at the plugin page to see whats new
  2. Bugfix

    - Fixed: Bug where you cannot add a new waypoint in 1.14 (Btw: There is a reason why you can see I haven't tested the plugin in 1.14)
  3. Fixed error that plugin won't load

    - Fixed error that the plugin won't load due to an error. Cause was that in this update I forgot to remove old code which caused this
  4. Fixed bug with permissions

    - Fixed: Can't use command even when op (without permission plugin)
    - Added: Normal players can now use the basic command without any extra adding of permissions (although you can still revoke the permission if needed)
  5. Important fix

    - Fixed bug when using normal spigot and the selected waypoint is in a another world the console gets spammed with errors
  6. Players can now see the distance to the selected waypoint when sneaking

    - Added when crouching the player sees the distance and y offset from waypoint

    Note: You need to delete the config and translation files to let the plugin update them. Make a backup before deleting them and the manually re-add your custom values
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  7. Added tab-completion

    - Added tab-completion for the sub-commands
  8. New features and performance improvements

    - Added global waypoints everyone has access to
    - Added permission waypoints only players with set permissions have access to
    - Added managing of others waypoints, so you can view and delete them
    - Added possibility to instantly teleport to a waypoint
    - Added world name aliases in the config to make it look fancier in the waypoint overview (Example: world -> Survival World).
    - Added autosaving of waypoints so in case of a crash only the last 5 minutes are lost and not what happened since...
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