WeatherGod 3.3b

Control the weather on your server.

  1. Schulzi
    Simply control the weather on your server with some simple commands. Set it to sun, rain or storm (thundering)! With this plugin you are also able to deny sun, rain or storm in a world you want. There is also a tool to strike lightnings!
    I hope this plugin is easy to use for you! If you find errors or bugs, then please let me know. Feature requests are welcome :)

    How to install
    Just put the WeatherGod.jar file in your plugins folder and start the server.
    That's it!​

    Label is /weathergod, /wg or /wgs

    - Shows information about WeatherGod!
    /wg help - Shows helping information!
    /wg sun <world> - Sets the weather to sun!
    /wg rain <world> - Sets the weather to rain!
    /wg storm <world> - Sets the weather to storm!
    /wg day <world> - Sets the time to day!
    /wg night <world> - Sets the time to night!
    /wg sunrise <world> - Sets the time to sunrise!
    /wg sunset <world> - Sets the time to sunset!
    /wg check <world> - Shows the current weather & time state!
    /wg forecast <world> - Shows the weather forecast!
    /wg reload - Reloads the configs!
    /wg states - Shows the states of each world!
    /wg tool - Gives you the tool to strike lightnings!
    /wg strike <player> || all - Strikes the specified <player> or all!
    /wg set <world> sun/rain/storm/day/night true/false - Sets whether it can be sunny, rainy or stormy or if there can be day or night!


    weatherGod.* - Gives you access to all permissions of WeatherGod!
    weatherGod - Gives you access to see information about WeatherGod! - Gives you access to see helping information!
    weatherGod.sun - Gives you access to set the weather to sun!
    weatherGod.rain - Gives you access to set the weather to rain!
    weatherGod.storm - Gives you access to set the weather to storm! - Gives you access to set the time to day!
    weatherGod.night - Gives you access to set the time to night!
    weatherGod.sunrise - Gives you access to set the time to sunrise!
    weatherGod.sunset - Gives you access to set the time to sunset!
    weatherGod.check - Gives you access to check a world for information about weather and time!
    weatherGod.forecast - Gives you access to check the weather forecast!
    weatherGod.reload - Gives you access to reload the configs!
    weatherGod.states - Gives you access to see the states of each world!
    weatherGod.tool - Gives you access to take and use the tool of WeatherGod!
    weatherGod.strike - Gives you access to strike other players!
    weatherGod.set - Gives you access to set options for certain worlds!
    weatherGod.sign - Gives you access to place weathergod signs!


    After creating a new world while your server is running, you have to reload WeatherGod with /wg reload to get the new world loaded in the config.

Recent Reviews

  1. zzvenuszz
    Version: 3.3b
    Nothing to say but PERFECT!
    @eepgames: You want it to snowfall? You have to set biome for that region.
  2. eepgames
    Version: 3.3b
    Good plugin! But please update it and add a snow option! Please, before Christmas? ..................
  3. CloudeLecaw
    Version: 3.2
    a good plugin but is realy would need a translationfile
    so just 4 Starts because of the missing translation ;)
    (u can translate it, but only with editing the class files :()
  4. Krumb069
    Version: 3.2
    Good but absolutely haram !