WeatherVote [1.7-1.15] 1.4.2

This plugin allows your users to vote for a weather in the server worlds.

  1. Update 1.0

    I finally integrated everything I wanted to, and because of this, the plugin-version is 1.0 now.

    Bug fixes:

    + Fixed a problem with the Scoreboard. (Reported by @gumgumpuntnl)
    + Fixed a problem with the ColorCodes. (Reported by @rex1167)


    + Added every plugin message to the Messages.yml File.
    + Added a Voting-Inventory for votings (/wv by default).
    + Added...
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  2. Update 0.4

    Bug fixes:

    + Fixed many kinds of problems with NPC's. (Thanks to @gumgumpuntnl)


    + Added RawMessage 1 to make the voting message clickable.
    + Added an option to disable the RawMessage in the config.
    + Added message 18 "You need &b[MONEY]$&9 more to start a voting.".
    + Added message 19 "You payed &b[MONEY]$&9 to start a voting.".
    + Added a Vault support for votes which cost money.
    + Added a Price option to the config...
  3. Update 0.3

    Bug fixes:

    + Fixed Scoreboard bug. (Thanks to Cpt_Beefheart)


    + Added a Stats.yml file.
    + Added a /wv stats command, to see the stats.
    + Added PrematureEnd option to the config to disable a pre end when all players have voted.
    + Added message 17 with "All players have voted.".
  4. Update 0.2


    - Replaced message 3 with "There is a new voting for &b[WEATHER]&9 weather, vote with &b/wv yes&9 or &b/wv no&9.".
    - Replaced message 8 with "You have voted for &eYES&6.".
    - Replaced message 9 with "You have voted for &eNO&6.".
    - Replaced message 14 with "The voting for &b[WEATHER]&9 weather is over in &b[SECONDS]&9 seconds.".
    - Replaced message 16 with "There is a new update available for this plugin. &e( )&6".


    + Added [WeatherVote]...