WeatherVote [1.7-1.16] 1.5.0-pre 1.16

This plugin allows your users to vote for a weather in the server worlds.

  1. F_o_F_1092
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:


    You can find the TimeVote version for MC1.7-1.15 *HERE*


    This plugin allows your users to vote for a weather in the server worlds.


    /wv help (This command shows you the help page.)
    /wv info (This command shows you the info page.)
    /wv stats (This command shows you the stats page.)
    /wv (This command opens the Voting-Inventory.)
    /wv sun (This command allows you to start a sun-voting.)
    /wv rain (This command allows you to start a rain-voting.)
    /wv yes (This command allows you to vote for yes or no.)
    /wv no (" ")
    /wv stopVoting (This command stopps a voting.)
    /wv reload (This command is reloading the files.)

    User permissions:

    WeatherVote.Sun (/wv sun)
    WeatherVote.Rain (/wv rain)
    WeatherVote.Vote (/wv yes, /wv no)
    Admin permissions:

    WeatherVote.Reload (/wv reload)
    WeatherVote.StopVoting(/wv stopVoting [World])
    WeatherVote.UpdateMessage (You get a message, if there is a new update for this plugin.)


    (English | Version 1.4.2)
    (By ericbarbwire)

    (English | Version 1.1.2)
    (By Numero Uno)

    (French | Version 1.1.2)
    (By LevelsCraft7 | LevelsCraft7)


    Code (Text):

    Version: 1.4

    #If the plugin is unable to get the right Server version (e.g. Forge 1.7 modded server), set "SetOwn" to true and "Version" to your server version.
    #Valid versions are v1_7_R1, v1_7_R2, v1_7_R3, v1_7_R4, v1_8_R1, v1_8_R2, v1_8_R3, v1_9_R1, v1_9_R2, v1_10_R1, v1_11_R1, v1_12_R1
      SetOwn: false
      Version: v1_12_R1

    #Set "ColoredConsoleText" to false, to disable the colored console text.
    ColoredConsoleText: true

    #THis time definet how long a voting is.
    VotingTime: 35

    #After this time the players are getting a memorial message.
    #(If the time is set to 0 they are not getting a message)
    RemindingTime: 25

    #After the voting the players are not able to vote to reduce spam.
    #(If the time is set to 0 they whont a timeout period)
    TimeoutPeriod: 15

    #To disable the Scoreboard with voting information, set UseScoreboard to false.
    UseScoreboard: true

    #To disable the Voting-Inventory, set UseVoteGUI to false.
    UseVoteGUI: true

    #If you whant to use the BossBar for Votings, set this to true (You need the plugin BossBarAPI for this option |
    UseBossBarAPI: true

    #If you whant to use the TitleAPI for Votings, set this to true (You need the plugin TitleAPI for this option |
    UseTitleAPI: true

    #If a player is invisible, he will not be recogniced by PrematureEnd system (The player is invisible for the plugin, if half of the players at the world are not able to see him.).
    CheckForHiddenPlayers: false

    #If all players have voted in a world, this option can change the time instantly.
    PrematureEnd: true

    #If you want that your users have to pay some money, to start a voting.
    #than you can set the price here. (Vault is required.)
    Price: 0.0

    #If you want that your users don't get a clickable voting message, set RawMessage to false.
    RawMessages: true

    #The players whont be able to start a voting in this worlds.
    - world_nether
    - world_the_end

    #If you want to hide the messages 21 and 22, set VotingInventoryMessages to false.
    VotingInventoryMessages: true

    #If true, only those players who are able to vote can see the Voting.
    ShowOnlyToPlayersWithPermission: false

    #If true, the player will get his money back if the voting fails.
    RefundVotingPriceIfVotingFails: true


    Code (Text):

    Version: 1.4
    '[WeatherVote]': '&f[&9Weather&bVote&f] '
      '1': '&9'
      '2': '&b'
      '1': You have to be a player, to use this command.
      '2': You do not have the permission for this command.
      '3': '&b&l[PLAYER]&9 started a new voting for &b&l[WEATHER]&9 weather, vote with
        &b&l/wv yes&9 or &b&l/wv no&9.'
      '4': The voting is disabled in this world.
      '5': There is already a voting in this world.
      '6': There isn't a voting in this world.
      '7': You have already voted.
      '8': You have voted for &b&lYes&9.
      '9': You have voted for &b&lNo&9.
      '10': The plugin is reloading...
      '11': Reloading completed.
      '12': The voting is over, the weather has been changed.
      '13': The voting is over, the weather hasn't been changed.
      '14': The voting for &b&l[WEATHER]&9 weather is over in &b&l[SECONDS]&9 seconds.
      '15': You have to wait &b&l[SECONDS]&9 more second(s), until you can start a new
      '16': There is a new update available for this plugin. &b(
      '17': All players have voted.
      '18': You need &b&l[MONEY]$&9 more to start a voting.
      '19': You payed &b&l[MONEY]$&9 to start a voting.
      '20': You opend the voting-inventory.
      '21': Your Voting-Inventory has been closed.
      '22': Try [COMMAND]
      '23': You changed the weather to &b[WEATHER]&9.
      '24': The voting has stopped.
      '25': You stopped the voting.
      '1': Sunny
      '2': Rainy
      '3': 'Yes'
      '4': 'No'
      '1': 'Stats since: '
      '2': 'Money spent: '
      '3': 'Total sunny votes: '
      '8': 'Total rainy votes: '
      '4': '  Yes votes: '
      '5': '  No votes: '
      '6': '  Won: '
      '7': '  Lost: '
      '1': '&b[&9Click to use this command&b]'
      '2': '&b[&9Next page&b]'
      '3': '&b[&9Last page&b]'
      '4': '&7&oPage [PAGE]. &7Click on the arrows for the next page.'
      '1': This command shows you the help page.
      '2': This command shows you the info page.
      '3': This command shows you the stats page.
      '4': This command opens the Voting-Inventory.
      '5': This command allows you to start a sun voting.
      '6': This command allows you to start a rain voting.
      '7': This command allows you to vote for yes or no.
      '8': ''' '''
      '9': This command is reloading the Config.yml and Messages.yml file.
      '10': This command stopps a voting.
      '1': '&f[&9&lW&bV&f] &bSunny&f/&bRainy'
      '2': '&f[&9&lW&bV&f] &b[WEATHER]&9 Weather'
    BossBarMessage: '&f[&9&lW&b&lV&f] &9Voting for &b&l[WEATHER]&9 weather (&b&l/wv yes&9
      or &b&l/wv no&9)'
        '1': '&f[&9&lW&b&lV&f] &b&l[WEATHER]&9 time voting.'
        '2': '&f[&9&lW&b&lV&f] &b&l[SECONDS]&9 seconds left.'
        '3': '&f[&9&lW&b&lV&f] &9The weather has been changed.'
        '4': '&f[&9&lW&b&lV&f] &9The weather hasn''t been changed.'
      SubTitle: '&9(&b/wv yes&9 or &b/wv no&9)'
      '1': '["",{"text":"[PLAYER]","color":"aqua","bold":true},{"text":" started a new
        voting for ","color":"blue"},{"text":"[WEATHER]","color":"aqua","bold":true},{"text":"
        weather, vote with ","color":"blue"},{"text":"/wv yes","color":"aqua","bold":true,"clickEvent":{"action":"run_command","value":"/wv
        yes","color":"aqua"}]}}},{"text":" or ","color":"blue"},{"text":"/wv no","color":"aqua","bold":true,"clickEvent":{"action":"run_command","value":"/wv


    Code (Text):

    Version: 1.4
    Date: 28-03-1092
      'Yes': 0
      'No': 0
      Won: 0
      Lost: 0
      'Yes': 0
      'No': 0
      Won: 0
      Lost: 0
    MoneySpent: 0.0



    If you have a problem or a question about the Plugin, message me first before leaving a review!

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  1. Wizirdi
    Version: 1.5.0-pre 1.16
    Great plugin, but PLEASE also add the ability to vote for Thunderstorms? :) It would help out so much. But 10/10
  2. Sidious82
    Version: 1.5.0-pre 1.16
    this plugin is a MUST for any server manager who prefers a "hands-off" style of management
  3. James_Bach
    Version: 1.4.2
    Very Helpfull plugin :) But i need the 1.16 Update :O i get an Error in my Console :/
  4. mindgam3s
    Version: 1.4.2
    awesome plugin
    helps my players a lot :)
    using it on papermc 1.13.2
  5. Meldiron
    Version: 1.4.2
    Nice plugin - does what it should do. Not 100% customizable (cant change blocks in GUI) but open sourced so its not problem to customize it. It would be nice to do something like /wv <worldName> but its just feature request :P Awesome plugin.
  6. Sidious82
    Version: 1.4.2
    give the annoyance of controlling the time of day and weather conditions to the popular vote of your server! an administrator's best friend.
  7. stan1712
    Version: 1.4
  8. PikachuEXE
    Version: 1.3.2
    Simple and working well
    Got scoreboard and can click to vote

    What else do you need?
    Nothing for me :) !
  9. Madelein
    Version: 1.3.2
    I honestly love this plugin. It runs smoothly on 1.12.1 for me and i have no issues. The players love it as well. Thanks for a great plugin
  10. Dr4gonG4m3rLP
    Version: 1.1.4
    Error: 6.11 22:29:39 [Server] INFO [WeatherVote] Enabling WeatherVote v1.14
    26.11 22:29:39 [Server] INFO [WeatherVote] a Plugin by F_o_F_1092
    26.11 22:29:39 [Server] ERROR Error occurred while enabling WeatherVote v1.14 (Is it up to date?)
    26.11 22:29:39 [Server] INFO java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError
    26.11 22:29:39 [Server] INFO at me.F_o_F_1092.WeatherVote.Main.onEnable( ~[?:?]
    26.11 22:29:39 [Server] INFO at ~[Spigot1.11:git-Spigot-f19bb2c-2b7808f]
    26.11 22:29:39 [Server] INFO at [Spigot1.11:git-Spigot-f19bb2c-2b7808f]
    26.11 22:29:39 [Server] INFO at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin( [Spigot1.11:git-Spigot-f19bb2c-2b7808f]
    26.11 22:29:39 [Server] INFO at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.v1_11_R1.CraftServer.enablePlugin( [Spigot1.11:git-Spigot-f19bb2c-2b7808f]
    26.11 22:29:39 [Server] INFO at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.v1_11_R1.CraftServer.enablePlugins( [Spigot1.11:git-Spigot-f19bb2c-2b7808f]
    26.11 22:29:39 [Server] INFO at net.minecraft.server.v1_11_R1.MinecraftServer.t( [Spigot1.11:git-Spigot-f19bb2c-2b7808f]
    26.11 22:29:39 [Server] INFO at net.minecraft.server.v1_11_R1.MinecraftServer.l( [Spigot1.11:git-Spigot-f19bb2c-2b7808f]
    26.11 22:29:39 [Server] INFO at net.minecraft.server.v1_11_R1.MinecraftServer.a( [Spigot1.11:git-Spigot-f19bb2c-2b7808f]
    26.11 22:29:39 [Server] INFO at net.minecraft.server.v1_11_R1.DedicatedServer.init( [Spigot1.11:git-Spigot-f19bb2c-2b7808f]
    26.11 22:29:39 [Server] INFO at [Spigot1.11:git-Spigot-f19bb2c-2b7808f]
    26.11 22:29:39 [Server] INFO at [?:1.8.0_101]
    26.11 22:29:39 [Server] INFO Caused by: java.lang.ClassCastException: me.F_o_F_1092.TimeVote.Main cannot be cast to me.F_o_F_1092.WeatherVote.Main
    26.11 22:29:39 [Server] INFO at me.F_o_F_1092.WeatherVote.PluginManager.HelpPageListener.<clinit>( ~[?:?]
    26.11 22:29:39 [Server] INFO ... 12 more
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