[Web] Front 7.2

Easy-to-edit Minecraft server website template

  1. RiotShielder
    Front is a template intended for Minecraft servers, built with Twitter Bootstrap 3. It contains 9 unique pages. The code is clean HTML and CSS, with the core files being minified to reduce bandwidth usage. This is 100% responsive, meaning it'll look great on desktops, tablets, and mobiles.


    This template is very easy to edit, and only takes basic HTML/CSS knowledge.

    No support will be provided

    php is required for the play page

    Page List
    • 404
    • Construction/Coming Soon
    • Help
    • Home/Index
    • Play
    • Shop
    • Staff
    • Terms
    • Vote

    Screenshot of template

Recent Updates

  1. 7.2 re-release
  2. Use latest Bootstrap version
  3. Front 7.1

Recent Reviews

  1. deanomus
    Version: 7.2
  2. Geret
    Version: 7.2
    link is broken
  3. McFania.net
    Version: 7.2
    It looks very nice if you want i can sponsor for you an DEMO PAGE

    like: "demo.westelfana.com/minecraft/web-front/

    @ Alexander Divos
  4. ThatTonybo
    Version: 7.2
    Looks nice, but no download? Thats pretty useless. Very good product, but yeah... Fix the download please :D
  5. mijo1652
    Version: 7.1
    Great plugin. Would you add some instructions how to set up login and register please? Thank you. ;)
  6. UnixBasher
    Version: 7.1
    I paid for this and other people have complained about the fact you're now giving it away for free. You responded with "I don't see why not?".
    The reason 'why not' is that now the template is probably saturated and used all over the place. It's no longer unique for the people that paid a lot of money to you for it.

    Also it's not exactly difficult to code this template. It's literally just Bootstrap framework based. It's an okay template but the fact that you've just given it out for free after charging a lot of people a significant amount of money for it and then said you don't see why this shouldn't be done is not good.
    1. RiotShielder
      Author's Response
      I'd like to point out that this template is a good 2 years old, and the amount of downloads (and sales) apparently show there was/is a demand for a Bootstrap template.

      The template being free doesn't negatively effect you in any way, you still have access to it, and if it weren't free it wouldn't be available at all anymore.
  7. superjay204
    Version: 7.1
    Cool :) its a nice template, i have used it now for my server, easy to change the codes in php! :)

    Thanks :)
  8. sander0542
    Version: 7.1
    Login / Register.

    I cant register or login. please fix this.

    The site is good but how can i edit it without having edit the files
    1. RiotShielder
      Author's Response
      You need to use an external software to login/register, it isn't built in, it's simply a link. Also considering this is a template, you have to edit the files to edit it.
  9. IronStorm
    Version: 7.1
    How do I change the background? It's not working also the site is buggy for me
    www.elvinae.nn.pe i have no idea why
    1. RiotShielder
      Author's Response
      You modified the template, probably left a tag open or closed one early. You can replace the images in img/backgrounds to change it.
  10. Homer04
    Version: 7.1
    Looks awesome, CSS fails on the Preview-Page tho.
    You might also take a look into the page what happens when you click the: "IP: <ip>" Button