[WEB] iCarey.net Whitelist System 1.3

Easy to use whitelist system, that allows people to apply on your site!

  1. smashedbotatos
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    iCarey.net Whitelist System
    A PHP/MySQL based whitelist system with RCON commands, and automatic emails to approved/denied users. Ban management, and a command center to send commands to the server via RCON.

    Linux is supported only.

    PHP 7.x
    NodeJS 10.x or 12.x (For discord bot)
    RCON Enabled on your Minecraft Server
    For MOST features to work you must have this on the same server as your minecraft server.
    This is best for a VPS or dedicated server solution.

    Features of the whitelist system:
    • Puts an application form on your web site with Google REcaptcha
      • .This also create a user account for the applicant
    • Admin panel.
      • Admin/Mod Panel allows you to Accept/Deny Applicants
      • It allows you to control server functions, and even build Spigot
      • Ban feature allows banning a user from the server. Which also removes them from the whitelist.
      • You can also send RCON commands to the server via the Command Center.
      • When approved: the user is added to the whitelist and the whitelist updated via RCON.
      • When denied: the user is removed from the whitelist and the whitelist update via RCON.
    • LuckPerms Integration
      • Must be using MySQL with Luck Permissions
      • Will get the users group from Luck Permissions
    • Player Rankings: The site has a player rankings system.
      • Stats are parsed through the .json files in the world folder.
      • Achievements given for different tasks, and Ranked on the Hall of Fame.
      • Individual players have a page of their own stats and acheivements.
    • Discord Bot Addon included
      • Allows you to modify the whitelist from discord.
      • Allows your users to see their stats. Mined/Placed/Deaths/Time Played
      • Allows players to link their Discord with their site account. Player gets put in the correct group, and has discord nickname changed.
      • Includes some basic hack and grief checks and warns admins about a player in discord.
      • To preview the bot, you can join my discord.
    • Unzip the package.
    • For all features to work, this must be hosted on the same server.
    • Import the database in to the same database you are using luck permissions in.
    • Place the contents of the website folder in your root web directory.
      • Make the img/skins folder and sub folders are writable by the www-data user.
    • On your server create a minecraft user.
    • Place the bin folder in that users home directory.
    • Add the following to the crontab for the minecraft user
      • */5 * * * * python3 /home/minecraft/bin/mcstats/update.py -s /the/directory/to/your/server/ -d /your/webroot/data --inactive-days 30
      • Make sure the /your/webroot/data is writable by the minecraft user.
    • edit the includes/config.ini.php to add your information.
    • Make sure the query and rcon ports are set in server.properties
      • Also that query and rcon are set to true
    • Then bring up the site and log in with the temporary user. [email protected]
      • password - testme19
    • If you would like for me to install this for you, join my discord, and we can arrange something.
    If you like my work please donate. Even just a dollar!
    Discord: https://discord.gg/9sFXgve
    Email: [email protected] View attachment 43851 2018-10-07 12_54_30-Window.png


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Recent Reviews

  1. nogarth
    Version: 1.3
    i do like this web feel and teseted it. doesnt seem to work with curent version 1.18 with the python scripts. are you looking to update this at all. im currently using the latest version.
  2. 123gey123
    Version: 1.0.1
    Great work, to be new to php etc looks real good.
    Few changes here and there and its an amazing thing.

    Awaiting the re-writen version much love.

    1. smashedbotatos
      Author's Response
      Thank you! You should try this newer version. I added some important missing features. Also added some new fun stats for your players!
  3. mickedplay
    Version: 1.0.1
    This is really bad written php. No classes, no namespaces.
    Simply: No structure and bad to manage in the future.
    1. smashedbotatos
      Author's Response
      Its also the first project I have ever done in PHP. In fact about two weeks ago I knew absolutely nothing about it. Constructive criticism, is appreciated, but your review is A)WRONG B)Not constructive and just plain mean. If you can do better, be my guest.
  4. dangerORclose
    Version: 1.0
    1-star tells enough .
    1. smashedbotatos
      Author's Response
      It is extremely outdated. Even unsafe to use because it is relying on depreciated php functions. I am currently rewriting the entire thing and will be releasing it soon.
  5. McFania.net
    Version: 1.0
    It looks very nice if you want i can sponsor for you an DEMO PAGE

    like: "demo.westelfana.com/minecraft/web-icarey-net-whitelist/

    @ Alexander Divos
  6. lapsile11
    Version: 1.0