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Inventory of payers on your WEB!

  1. elving21
    Web Inventory [BETA]

    Ever wanted to have a database of players like in WoW and any other RPG game where you are able to view others player inventories and see their items? Well, here it is! You can view inventory of any player and see all their items and stuff like custom item names, lores, level, hp and last logout time.

    Plugin synchronizes the database everytime player leaves the server. I have seen many people asking about something like this but I have never been able to find any suitable plugin so I decided to write one myself. This plugin is mainly for RPG servers or servers which have a lot of custom items.

    • Show player inventory and their items
    • Player's Level
    • Player's HP
    • Player's logout time
    • Support for item enchantments
    • Support for item stack size
    • Armor support

    You can try and see how it works right HERE (type example for a good preview of what plugin can show or any other player name)

    Currently this is a beta version and more stuff will come

    How to install:
    Installation can be a little bit complicated relative to other plugins but it is fairly straight forward!

    1) Download .jar plugin and place it in your plugin folder
    2) This plugin requires SQLibrary! Download it HERE. Without it this plugin wont work!
    3) Start server and let plugin generate config
    4) Open config.yml and put your MySQL details
    5) Restart your server

    Next part is about the web.

    6) Open up folder which contains all web files
    7) Open config.php and put your MySQL details
    8) Upload whole folder on your web and test it! Or if you are more advanced you can implement this wherever you want on your website :)
    9) Done!

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Recent Reviews

  1. MinenBau2002
    Version: 0.35
    i find the idea verrrrrrrrrrrry good and this is for free, you don't now how I have looked in my MONTITOR!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you verrry much... :D

    PS: make more Plugins.... You are a god author... :D
    1. elving21
      Author's Response
      Haha, thank you for a review :)