[Web Template][WIP] Prodetus[UPDATED]

The old template I made for the development of my own network which failed to launch. (Web Package)

  1. Search Bar


    • Added search bar (not yet functional)
    If you need a webhost, feel free to contact me, if you need me to do customize this template for you, you can contact me as well via PM and we can sort things from there.
  2. A major update


    I've updated this template, and I've fixed an ugly code mess.

    • Now responsive!
    • Major code cleanup. No more messy code!
    • Staff page now in compliance.
    • .html extension removed (DO NOT MODIFY THE .htaccess)
    If you'd like support PM me on Spigot. Thanks!

    PM me if you'd like to donate. :p.
  3. News Page

    I've been working on the News page. While it isn't a 100% complete, it's still workable. I personally don't recommend you using it due to unclean it looks, you may use it if you're desperate.


    I'm not good at PHP, so you'd have to "hard-code" everything meaning if you're wanting to make a new post, use this code:

    <h1>Another post</h1>

                    <!-- Author -->
                    <p class="lead">...
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  4. Completed Staff Page