WebEssentials 1.1

Allow player to do see the discord, store, ClearChat, and website link

  1. kwgvideos
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    KolbyGreen, and Abex
    Languages Supported:
    DO NOT post negative reviews complaining about issues or such before asking for help.

    WebEssentials is a easy to use Plugin. All that you need to do /wehelp and it send you all the commands you need. The Config is easy to use and easy to get a Round but really big. Were are comming out with 1.1 that will setup & Color Codes Soon. The Color Can not be changed at all. The Colors are Red, Yellow and Dark Gray.


    /wehelp - Gives player the help page
    /Discord - Gives player the Discord Link to your server
    /Store - Gives player the Store Link to your server
    /Website - Gives player the Website Link to your server
    /Announce <Store or Discord or Website > - Announces your Discord or store or Website
    /ClearChat - Clears the Chat
    /ClearChatPlayer - Clear only the player chat


    wehelp - WebEssentials.help
    Discord - WebEssentials.Discord
    Store - WebEssentials.store
    Website - WebEssentials.website
    Announce Store - WebEssentials.Announce.store
    Announce Discord - WebEssentials.Announce.Website
    Announce Website - WebEssentials.Announce.Discord
    ClearChat - WebEssentials.ChatClear
    ClearChatPlayer - WebEssentials.chatclear.player


    Where is more Config

    Capture3.PNG if Where is a Problem with the Perms or the Config Message me on Discord or at the Spigot Page


    if you need me to make you a custom plugin it only $5 in USD thanks
    for Checking out this Plugin

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