WebSandboxMC 1.10.4

Web-based client providing an interactive glimpse of a part of your server using WebGL/HTML5

  1. WebSandboxMC v1.10.4

    • Fix NoClassDefFoundError on older servers without BaseComponent from text API, issue introduced in WebSandboxMC 1.9.0. Closes GH-95
    • Fix removing unnecessary day length logging, issue introduced with time support in WebSandboxMC 1.10.2
  2. WebSandboxMC v1.10.3

    • Add /list command in web client to list all players connected (satoshinm/NetCraft#196)
    • Update to NetCraft build 512, adding protocol command to send player name
  3. WebSandboxMC v1.10.2

    • Add time synchronization (GH-93)
    • Add see_time option, set to false to fix web client time at high noon
    Update to NetCraft build 507:

    • Add /time and /daylength client-side commands to control time (satoshinm/NetCraft#11)
    • Fix initial time setting correctly by patching emscripten...
  4. WebSandboxMC v1.10.1

    • Fix NPE in signs and log bad sign data (GH-92)
    • Compile against SpigotAPI 1.12-R0.1
    Update to NetCraft build 500:

    • Change to disable local (client-side, non-server) terrain generation (satoshinm/NetCraft#189), only your web sandbox chunk will now be visible
    • Change touch to use hold to mine, tap to place...
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  5. WebSandboxMC v1.10.0

    • Add experimental survival mode option, to enable by default change creative_mode to false (satoshinm/NetCraft#178). The web client can switch modes with /creative or /survival commands. The default is creative mode, similar to previous versions in that inventory is infinite, except there is faster block breaking.
    • Add server IP banning support, check_ip_bans option...
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  6. WebSandboxMC v1.9.2

    • Fix slow initial world load performance by sending chunk data compressed in one binary frame, now several times faster (GH-86)
    • Add logging when a new web client joins, showing their username and address (GH-84)
    • Fix excessive Netty logging, now sent at debug level by default, can be re-enabled at info level with netty_log_info option if needed...
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  7. WebSandboxMC v1.9.1

    • Remove last vestiges of deprecated Bukkit API for signs (GH-66)
    • Allow placing more types of blocks from the web client (GH-83)
    Update to NetCraft build 452:

    • Add blocks for water and lava liquids, non-obstacles, initial simplistic implementation (satoshinm/NetCraft#72)...
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  8. WebSandboxMC v1.9.0

    • Add a WebAssembly version of the web client, faster and smaller on supported browsers, served up by default with an asm.js fallback for older browsers (GH-64)
    • Add web player authentication, /websandbox auth gives the player a unique web link to login under their username in the web client instead of anonymously (GH-48)
    • Add /websandbox clear command...
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  9. WebSandboxMC v1.8.3

    • Add support for setting web spawn location to server spawn (GH-70)
    • Add barrier block, an invisible obstacle (GH-55)
    • Add fern, shrub, dead bush, LongGrass variants (GH-72)
    • Add mossy stone brick and cracked stone brick, TexturedMaterial of smooth stone...
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  10. WebSandboxMC v1.8.2

    • Fix orientations for furnaces and burning furnaces (GH-61)
    • Fix orientations for pumpkins and jack-o'-lanterns (GH-69)
    Update to NetCraft build 429:

    • Add a new block registration system (satoshinm/NetCraft#160)
    • Add rotated variants of furnaces, pumpkins, and...