WebsiteCMD 1.0.1

Tired of being asked, "whats your website"?

  1. z1haze

    Tired of being asked, "what's your website address"? Well if so, this is your simple solution! WebsiteCMD's is a simple plugin that gives lets you configure a command to deliver the links for both your website and forums!


    - /website
    - /forums
    - /webreload


    - webcmd.forums
    - webcmd.reload

Recent Reviews

  1. _steven_mc_
    Version: 1.0.1
    Yeah that is really rude and very selfish to lure all the people who came here to your page! i rate this a 5 star ! keep up the great work Author.
    1. z1haze
      Author's Response
      Thank you I appreciate it