weeTrade - Trading Plugin [1.8.x] 1.6

An very easy and safe way to trade Items between players!

  1. Dubehh
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
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    [ Unfortunately I am no longer working on weeTrade. The source of the plugin is available in the discussion section. ]


    Running an RPG server? Running an Faction server? Are you tired of people complaining about scammers and would you prefer to have every trade safely done? Then you came to the right page!

    'weeTrade' is an very easy-to-use and safe trading plugin, that is made for item trading. Aside from the clean and organized interface, it contains very easy commands, and it doesn't need any administrator set-up at all.

    Having this in mind; This plugin is great for the busy server owners!

    - Basic commands, no need for difficult wiki or research
    - Safe trading system, where both players need to confirm the trade
    - Dynamic trade interface
    - Immediate item transfer
    - Ability to disable trading in certain gamemodes (configurable)
    - Request / Accept trades by right clicking + sneaking (Can toggle on/off in config)
    - Virtual trade inventory interface that contains easy and obvious buttons
    - No unneccesary features - Plain and simple!
    - Customizable messages with color code support!

    How does it work?
    - Imagine you have player 'steve' and player 'notch'. Notch wants to trade with steve, so he sends him a request using the correct command below.
    Steve wants to trade aswell, so he accepts the request.

    - Now an inventory pops up containing several glass panes, and a few empty slots. Both notch and steve each have a different side.

    - Now the 'start' of the trade can begin. Notch can simply click items in his inventory that he wants to trade, and Steve can do the same.

    - After they both selected enough items that they want to trade, they simply click the green-glass-pane (trade button).

    - They see that the green 'button' becomes a orange button, and they can no longer add/remove items from the GUI, in order to prevent late changes/scamming.

    - After they both 'confirm' the transaction, the items will be credited to both players, and they live happily ever after.

    /Trade <Player> | Sends the target player an trade request (trade.trade)
    /Trade ignore | (toggle) ignore incoming trade requests (trade.ignore)
    /Trade accept <player> | Accept an trade request (trade.accept)
    /Trade reload | Reload trade config file (trade.reload)

    NOTE: Trading with sneak+rightclick requires permission 'trade.sneaktrade'


    Video by Wittcat (English)

    Video by AbsintoJ (Portuguese)

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Recent Updates

  1. Bug Fixes
  2. Gamemode trading disabling
  3. Trading by interaction

Recent Reviews

  1. zPanter
    Version: 1.6
    Good plugin keep working....................................................................................
  2. AndyJake01
    Version: 1.6
    The plugin is a great plugin! I would love though if you could customize the help page when you do /trade. Also if you could customize the layout for when they trade.
  3. Stas1337
    Version: 1.6
    Easy fankeysdasdasssssdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
  4. molags
    Version: 1.6
    Great plugin! But GUI and help's messages is not in the language files, so I can't translate into other languages,can you fix it?
  5. Ratinger
    Version: 1.6
  6. Barnary
    Version: 1.6
    Big duping problem. One trade can result another 20 copies of your item and you get spammed trade canceled over 20 times. Needs ALOT of fixing.
  7. upwindman
    Version: 1.6
    When its on the blue accept thing, people can take out the item but still have it accepted.. Literally just got scammed on my own server by that glitch. xd.. please fix
  8. EmperorPvP
    Version: 1.6
    There is a big duping problem when players spam click in the trade box and hold shift. Had to remove this plugin.
  9. Lucius_Plays
    Version: 1.6
    Great plugin, I love it!!! Perfect for my survival server, Thanks for the great plugin... IP:
  10. OshanWarrior
    Version: 1.6
    This is my favorite plugin to use to let players trade. It does a great job of keeping scamming down. I hope this plugin gets updated to 1.9, because I would like to use it again.