WeirdPicks 1.3.2

Adds new special pickaxes to the game

  1. Wilobate
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.12
    • 1.14
    If you are on an earlier (1.12.2 or lower) version of MC, Please use plugin v1.2.1!

    This plugin is a continuation of OddPicks, As I wanted to add a plugin like this to my own server, I noticed that it hadn't been updated in a couple years, so I have taken it upon myself to update it, fix all of the errors which I will list, add some of my own stuff to it as well and provide it for everyone else to use.

    I went through all of the reviews of OddPicks and looked for what people wanted and the bugs that they reported, and I have fixed them all and added a few things that were mentioned. And of course, fixed a few things that no one reported but I found and cleaned up some messy code.

    It adds 5 kinds of pickaxes and 1 kind of axe:

    Experience Pickaxe
    Gives XP based on a configurable multiplier.

    Smelters Pickaxe
    Smelts the block you mine, eg. you mine an iron ore, it will drop an iron ingot.

    Explosive Pickaxe

    Blows up the blocks around the mined block with a configurable radius.

    Bountiful Pickaxe
    Free stuff. If you mine a block next to a ore or block of metal, it will drop the highest ranked block in a configurable radius.

    Explosive Bountiful Pickaxe
    Is literally a mix of the Explosive and Bountiful pickaxes. If you mine an emerald block, the blocks around it will be blown up and drop emerald blocks.

    Lumberjack's Axe
    Mines a pillar of logs. Mine the bottom of a tree and it will mine all logs directly above it.

    The pickaxes are compatible with EZBlocks blocks mined count

    This plugin uses Bstats, if you wish to disable, navigate to the Bstats folder in the plugins folder to access Bstats config.
    Just a quick thing, all of OddPicks commands started with /opick, this plugin will be /wpick

    Okay, so what have I done, let me enlighten you:

    is now a command, it will no longer throw a whole lot of barely readable jibberish at your console, instead, it now provides you with the same outcome as /wpick help.

    /wpick give player
    now displays player name instead CraftPlayer{playername}

    Bountiful and Explosive Bountiful Pickaxes now react to blocks such as Diamond and Emerald.

    Smelters Pickaxe now smelts cobblestone into stone, and if you mine stone, it will drop stone, this was requested a few times in the reviews, so I did the thing to make it do the thing.

    Explosive Pickaxes no longer drop iron and gold ingot when mining the ores, it was just a typo, don't give the old dev a hard time.

    Pickaxes now take durability, but there is a new item in the config to choose if each tool has the 'Unbreakable' enchant individually.

    Explosive Pickaxes now give you the correct amount of blocks/items, previously, it counted air blocks, so if you mined 18 blocks, it would drop 27 of the block to drop, it is fixed now, sorry to deprive you guys of free stuff <3

    This one was annoying, confuzzled me for ages, then I realised I was thinking the problem was more advanced then it was, 1 line of code was all that was missing haha, well, Explosive and Explosive Bountiful Pickaxes no longer break blocks outside the WorldGuard region.

    I went through and updated deprecated methods, now the plugin uses all up-to-date methods.

    I have added an auto version checker. It checks for an update, automatically. It doesn't download it though, so the plugin will yell at you to come onto this page and get it.

    I also went through and tried to find as many unhandled exceptions as I could and fixed them so that your console is not spammed with more barely readable jibberish. I would not be surprised if I missed some, so please let me know if you guys do get any so I can handle them out back.

    So that's all the stuff I fixed and added, now, the fun part, how do you use the plugin, well

    /wpick and /wpick help show you the following line:
    Command is /wpick give <player> <XPPick|EPick|BPick|EBPick|SPick|LAxe>

    /wpick reload
    reloads the config file

    If I wanted to give myself an Explosive Pickaxe I would use
    /wpick give self epick

    And if you wanted to give one to Notch it would be:
    /wpick give Notch epick

    Yes, if you are giving yourself a pick, you can use 'Self' instead of your player name.

    You will need to put a couple things in the WorldGuard Region Flags in order for the tools to work in those regions

    - BLOCK_BREAK allow

    Now if you want to allow your players to use these tools (Players have this permission node by default), the permission node is

    - wpick.explode

    And if you want to give someone access to give the tools and reload the plugin they will need,

    - wpick.epick

    There you go, as simple as 1, 2, 3, minus 1
    I know I know, have to have other plugins to use it, but most servers have these anyways,
    - WorldGuard
    - WorldEdit

    You need WorldEdit because it is a dependency for WorldGuard, saved you looking <3
    If you're wondering why this wall of text is weird and has a bunch of low-key jokes, I'm Australian, pretty sure that explains it all

    Credit to NoSkillNewbie as I did use their plugin as a base.
    If you wish to donate
    Very appreciated if you do <3

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Recent Reviews

  1. Vishvak
    Version: 1.3.0
    Hello, Wilobate.

    First of all thank you SO much for updating this for 1.14, this will really help boost my server!
    But i found a major issue.
    The issue is when players are in the mine region (block break and other explosion allow) they can break blocks outside of the region. Now this is only an issue for the weirdpicks as i tried other pickaxes and they were denied. In chat is says that breaking blocks is denied by worldguard, but with weirdpicks you can override and break blocks outside the region.

    Hope you can fix this!
    1. Wilobate
      Author's Response
      Hi, Thankyou for your review.
      I have now updated the plugin to v1.3.1 which fixes this issue. Let me know how you go, thanks!
  2. FlamzPlayzMc_
    Version: 1.2.1
    Hello, i really like your plugin my friend tried it on his server it is very good but I have an issue on my server it is 1.8 and I am pretty sure it is compatible but the problem is that it is not working I have world guard and world edit but whenever I use the picks nothing happens.

    1. Wilobate
      Author's Response
      Hi, Thank you for your review! :D
      You need to set two world guard flags to allow, (OTHER_EXPLOSION and BLOCK_BREAK), As the pickaxes only work in WorldGuard regions with those flags set to allow. Hope this is helpful! :)
  3. YTRemRem
    Version: 1.2.1
    Can your config add a more option? I mean explosive Pickaxe can add a Smelter option?
    1. Wilobate
      Author's Response
      Thankyou for your review! :D
      I will consider your suggestion! :)
  4. codey371
    Version: 1.2.1
    It's a really good plugin and I am most likely going to donate to this guy for creating a plugin that adds new pick for free, but I see more feature he could add like name and lore color codes work and a fortune muitipier for the bpick and maybe the other picks. If you are looking for a cool plugin that adds new picks to the game, here you good
    1. Wilobate
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review! I will look into your suggestions. :)
  5. SpecialGamin
    Version: 1.2.1
    1. Wilobate
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review! Glad to hear I was able to help :)

      There is a donation link in the overview page if you do donate, very much appreciated :D
  6. HedgehogPvP
    Version: 1.1.4
    Great! Hope you continue to update and possible add more pickaxes in future.

    If possible you could add an experience pickaxe which would give 3x exp when mining?
    1. Wilobate
      Author's Response
      I reckon that is something i can look into, thank you for the review :)
  7. Giovanni1709
    Version: 1.0.1
    Great job dude! Yeah, noskillnewbie all of a sudden just disappeared and left the project. Nice to see someone pick it up again. Gonna test this right now :D!
    1. Wilobate
      Author's Response
      Thank you! :)